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Eden's Gate: Sepulture, known by players as E4, is the final turn of the Eden's Gate Raid Raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.



Having successfully realigned the element of water following your triumph over Leviathan, the next candidate for restoration is earth, in the hope that the Empty will soon become able to support life. As before, you draw upon your experience of primals fought on the Source to shape the aether, this time recalling your fateful encounter with the Lord of Crags, Titan.



At first glance, the faintly glowing crystal brought back from Eden's core appears to be little more than a pretty bauble. As you gaze deep within, however, you are bombarded with images of your encounters in the Empty─but your adversaries have been twisted into monstrosities far more ferocious than those in your memory. Though you know these to be naught more than illusions, you find yourself compelled to see them through...





Unlike the final bosses of each raid tier in the Omega series, Titan has a single health bar. As such, there is no "door" transition between Titan and Titan Maximum.

Phase 1[]

Shortly after being pulled, Titan will open with Stonecrusher, a three-hit tankbuster. The main tank must either use their invulnerability or swap between hits, as he will follow with a second Stonecrusher. Following this, he will cast Weight of the Land, targeting random segments of the platform. At around the same time, each player will be targeted by yellow Pulse of the Land markers, which will target the square segments each player is standing in. After Weight of the Land finishes casting, everyone must spread out to an open square before Pulse of the Land goes off. The attack will apply moderate damage and a magic vulnerability up debuff. He will follow with Evil Earth which works like it does on Normal mode, except there are two squares that spawn in diagonal positions, either in the center diagonal squares or the far ones. At the same time, everyone will be targeted with an orange Force of the Land marker. An easy way deal with this is for everyone to stand in the same square. Titan will follow with Voice of the Land, a raid-wide AoE, then Geocrush, leaping onto a square and will knock everyone back. This can be mitigated with Surecast or Arm's Length.

He will follow with either his gauntlets or ATV, working like they do in normal mode, though five players will be targeted with Force of the Land and one DPS, one tank, and one healer with Pulse of the Land. If he is on his ATV, he will knock back everyone on his sides by two squares. He will then dash to his primary target with Fault Line, dealing high proximity damage. Have the tank furthest from Titan take the hit, and depending on the color marker they have, a tank swap may be required. This is followed with Magnitude 5.0, a donut AoE that will do lethal damage to anyone not in his hitbox, and following this, everyone will be targeted with Pulse of the Land. If he has his gauntlets active, his AoEs will target his sides and his front will be safe. Everyone with Force of the Land must stand in Titan's square, while everyone with Pulse of the Land must stand in a line, one square each, and move out of his lane before the shockwave finishes casting. He will then cast Voice of the Land, followed by Landslide, jumping to a cardinal point in the direction he faces, creating a large, cross-shaped AoE relative to his jump location. To easily handle this, keep Titan in the center of the arena and stand in the safe spots relative to his landing position. Once the AoE goes off, your safe zones will be targeted with a blue shockwave, so move out immediately after. At the same time, Bomb Boulders will drop in a plus and X configuration, in a random order, and will explode in the order they drop down in. He will also target his left or right with a Leftward Landslide or Rightward Landslide, respectively, followed by a blue shockwave on the side he did not target. Move into the area he targeted before the first set of Bomb Boulders explode, then move into the safe zones before the second set and the blue shockwave go off.

Once the gauntlet or ATV phase is over, Titan will cast Crumbling Down, which targets one tank or healer and DPS with boulders. Drop these proximity markers in the north or south first, then another pair will be targeted with boulders, requiring them to be dropped on the opposite sides relative to where the first boulders were dropped. The boulders close to Titan will break, leaving one standing. The entire party must hide behind the remaining boulder to avoid Seismic Wave, which will do lethal damage to anyone not behind cover. While this is happening, Titan will also bring down three lines of smaller Bomb Boulders that will explode in the same sequence they were dropped in. Be ready to move to the opposite end of the boulder after the first set goes off, and he will follow with another Voice of the Land then a second Stonecrusher. After this, he will use Geocrush and reform into either the gauntlets or ATV, which will always be the other of the two he did not do first. Once that phase ends, Titan will become untargetable, become Titan Maximum and stay on the north end of the platform.

Phase 2[]

Titan Maximum will begin the second phase with Earthen Fury, a raid-wide AoE that inflicts very high raid-wide damage. Next, he will cast Earthen Fist, powering up either one of his fists then the other, or one of his fists twice. He will punch one half of the platform depending on what side is powered up. At the same time, there will be Weight of the Land AoEs. Following this, Titan Maximum will cast Dual-Earthen Fists, causing a blue knockback marker to appear in front of him. Once everyone is knocked back, a non-tank player will be targeted with a blue Weight of the World marker, hitting the square they stand in and any adjacent squares with a blue shockwave and inflicting a magic vulnerability up debuff. To minimize the impact this has, everyone except for the player marked with Weight of the World can adjust for knockback, while everyone else casts their knockback immunities. Both top two enmity targets will then be targeted with Earthen Anguish, two large circle AoE tankbusters, then Megalith, a stacked tankbuster which must be shared by both tanks only. Next is Tectonic Uplift, causing two diagonal quadrants to raise. Anyone on the raised quadrants can move to a lowered one. As Tectonic Uplift casts, one tank or healer and one DPS will be marked with Weight of the World, and must move to the far corners of the lowered platforms. Everyone else must split into two groups of three, with DPS on the north and tanks and healers on the south, on the raised platforms. As soon as Weight of the World goes off on the lower platforms, Weight of the Land will target random segments of the lower platforms, followed by a Weight, a Pulse, and a Force marker on each player in the two groups of three. Those marked with Weight of the World must move to the far corner for the explosion, anyone with Pulse markers must move to a quadrant with three safe zones and must stand in their own segment, and anyone with Force markers must move to the quadrant with two safe zones and stack with another player with a Force marker. Titan Maximum will then cast Earthen Fury and reset the platforms.

Next, Rockthrow will target both healers for gaols, and both healers must form them away from each other on the north and south ends; otherwise the gaols will be impossible to destroy, Titan Maximum will buff himself, and the party will wipe. As this is happening, Titan Maximum will begin casting Plate Fracture, which destroys one quadrant of the platform. Check his wind-up animation and everyone, including the healers, should move to the side he isn't targeting. If he targets a north quadrant first, he will destroy the remaining north quadrant. Free the healer on the breaking side first, then move onto the second healer. By the time you've freed the second healer, Titan Maximum will prepare to destroy a third platform. He will then cast Earthen Fury and restore the platforms.

Titan Maximum will cast Tumult, which is five raid-wide AoEs in a row. Healers need to heal through this before he follows with a Dual-Earthen Fists, which is handled in the exact same manner. He will then cast Evil Earth and Earthen Fist, so check which fists are powered up and in what order while also dodging Evil Earth. This will lead to a second and final Tectonic Uplift, with four random players marked with Force of the Land. All marked players must move to the south rising platform, while unmarked players move to the north one. The two healers will be marked with Rockthrow gaols again, and must run to the corner of their assigned segment to drop their gaol. All others must stand in their own quadrant and break their healers out. While this is happening, Titan Maximum target everyone with Pulse markers, including the healers. If the each member of the party is already in their own quadrant by the time the markers spawn, there won't be much to adjust for. Two healers or two tanks will be targeted with Weight of the World markers, which must be dropped at the corners of the lower platforms. At the same time, Weight of the World AoE markers will spawn at the quadrants, so move out of those markers and adjust for Weight of the Land. Two more blue markers will target the other pair of healers or tanks, and the DPS will be targeted with Force markers, so they must jump down to one of the lower platforms and stand in one safe segment, while the blue marked players stay on the far corners of the raised platforms. Titan Maximum will then cast Earthen Fury, restoring the platforms, and will follow with Tumult.

He will then cast Plate Fracture, and while the quadrants are being destroyed, a tank will be marked with Megalith, and will then continue Plate Fracture. By the time the one Weight, three Pulse, and three Force markers spawn, there should be two quadrants left. The Weight marker must move to the south corner, while Pulse and Force markers must move to the four segments at the north end. Titan Maximum will cast Earthen Fury, restore the platforms, then end this phase with Orogenesis, which causes Titan Maximum to become untargetable, and he will spawn his smaller self, who will then become targetable.

Phase 3[]

Titan will begin the third phase with another Earthen Fury, which will also apply a DoT that will last for twelve seconds, so make sure to heal through that. He will then follow with Weight of the Land markers that explode in a clockwise pattern in the four quadrants, and Force markers on the tanks and healers and Pulse markers on the DPS. Dodge the rotating AoEs while spreading or stacking for your respective marker. Titan Maximum will cast Dual-Earthen Fists, with his Earthen Anguish tankbusters following shortly after. Both Titans will follow with Voice of the Land, five Tumults, another Voice of the Land, and then Earthen Fury. Another rotating Weight of the Land markers will spawn, but this time, the DPS will be marked with Force markers while tanks and healers will be marked with Pulse markers. Once this finishes, Titan Maximum will cast Earthen Fist, so make sure to check which of his hands are glowing. This is followed by another Stonecrusher and after that, another Megalith. Next, Weight of the Land will begin casting with Force markers on the tanks and healers and Pulse markers on the DPS. Finally, Titan will soft enrage; he will cast Voice of the Land, five Tumults, another Voice of the Land, another five Tumults, yet another Voice of the Land, before casting his Earthen Fury hard enrage.



  • Eden Minor
  • Landslide Orchestrion Roll
  • Blade of Early Antiquity (fixed drop)
  • Armor of Early Antiquity
  • Bangle of Early Antiquity
  • Chausses of Early Antiquity
  • Gauntlets of Early Antiquity
  • Greaves of Early Antiquity


  • Book of Sepulture (fixed drop)
  • Skyslipper Key
  • Book of Grace
  • Edengrace Bastard Sword
  • Edengrace Battleaxe
  • Edengrace Blade
  • Edengrace Cane
  • Edengrace Greatsword
  • Edengrace Harp Bow
  • Edengrace Knives
  • Edengrace Knuckles
  • Edengrace Manatrigger
  • Edengrace Planisphere
  • Edengrace Rapier
  • Edengrace Revolver
  • Edengrace Rod
  • Edengrace Shield
  • Edengrace Spear
  • Word of Grace
  • Edengrace Chest Gear Coffer
  • Edengrace Weapon Coffer

Musical Themes[]

"Landslide" plays during the fight against Titan. The Primals' arrangement of "Under the Weight" plays during the final phase of Savage mode.