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"Eclipse" (エクリプス, Ekuripusu?) is a location theme that first appeared in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as the theme for Yaschas Massif 10 AF and 100 AF. It is composed by Mitsuto Suzuki with vocals by Michiyo Honda.

"Eclipse - Aggressive Mix -" (エクリプス-Aggressive Mix-, Ekuripusu -Aggressive Mix-?) is a variation of the theme that plays in Final Fantasy XIII-2 when there are enemies nearby. "Eclipse" contains elements of the "Prelude", one of the most recognizable themes from the Final Fantasy series.

Lyrics Edit

All your dreams come true
In another dream you live
Everywhere you go
Would be the place where you belong

Game appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

"Eclipse" is the main background theme for the Yaschas Massif -10 AF- and -100 AF-. The -Aggressive Mix- plays whenever monsters appear on the field in Yaschas Massif -10 AF-.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

"Eclipse" plays in the Jagd Woods near the Moogle Village at night. The "~Aggressive Mix~" plays when near an enemy.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

"Eclipse" from Final Fantasy XIII-2 appears as a Field Music Sequence.

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