The following is a list of known quotes by Echo in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Gift quotes[edit | edit source]

"Have a Haste on the house!"

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Keep going!"

"Beat it up good!"

"Stagger them all!"

"Beat 'em all to a bloody pulp!"

"Care for a drink?"

"Chug it!"

"End this quickly, please."

"You in the zone yet?"

(sighs) "The things I do..."

“This one’s on me!”

Player revived[edit | edit source]

"Nothing a little Phoenix Down can't fix!"

"Back on your feet!"


"No more messin' around!"

"I can't leave you like this!"

"Get back in the game!"

"You're not done yet!"

"Watch out, or your SeeD rank will go down!” –As Rinoa

Victory quotes[edit | edit source]


"Revel in victory!"

"That was impressive!"

"Did you even break a sweat?"

"So strong!"

"On to the next fight!"

(in cutesy voice) "I'm so proud of you!"

"Does it hurt anywhere?"

(chuckles) "I got excited watching that!"

As Rinoa[edit | edit source]

Want to go to the concert with me after this?

Now, how about a hug? (laughs) Kidding!

I just want to stay here, with you.

Great strength and pride, like a lion!

Let's get lost in space, forever.

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