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Echidna is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and succeeding versions of the original Final Fantasy. She is found in the southeastern room on the bottom floor of the Earthgift Shrine along with three other bosses. She usually uses one-hit KO attacks.


FFI Echidna's Location

Echidna's location.

Echidna tends to abuse the Earthquake spell, using it nearly every single turn. Be warned that because it is considered to be an Earth elemental attack and not a Death elemental attack, Protect Rings will not provide resistance to it. Instead, equipment or spells that grant Earth resistance are recommended, such as wearing a Ribbon or casting NulDeath/NulAll. Echidna is resistant against all magic, so physical strikes enhanced by Haste and Temper is the way to defeat her.

Echidna will rarely attack with Flare, dealing upwards of 250 damage on all characters.

Echidna is resistant to status-elemental attacks, but her modest Magic-Defense means having a character use the non-elemental spell Sleepra can actually reliably inflict the Sleep ailment.

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