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Ebot's Rock is a location in Final Fantasy VI located north of the town of Thamasa, but it is underwater in the World of Balance and is marked by a single dot of dry land in the ocean. After the world is shifted into the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock surfaces as a small island. Hidon, a beast that was hunted by Strago and Gungho in their youth, lives there. When the player returns to Thamasa with Strago and Relm in the party, Strago discovers Gungho is injured. This causes the cave at Ebot's Rock to appear.

The cave is dark, and the player only has a small circular area of sight. The path to Hidon is blocked by a talking treasure chest that will not let the player pass until fed enough Coral. The player must travel throughout Ebot's Rock, collecting enough Coral from treasure chests that the chest will move. The player must feed the chest 22 pieces of Coral all at once in order to pass, feeding it less will do nothing but deplete the player's supply of Coral collected. Strago must be in the party. Once the chest is sated, it moves and the player can access Hidon's chamber.

Items Edit

All treasure chests in Ebot's Rock contain a random number of pieces of Coral, from one to five at a time.

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Musical themes Edit

"Phantom Forest" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI Phantom Forest

Ebot's Rock's background theme is called "Phantom Forest".

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