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The Eastwatch is a clan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are a group of bodyguards led by a Parivir named Zengen. During their first appearance, Zengen challenges Clan Gully to a battle in Moorabella, and teaches them the Parivir Job for winning. Later in the game, they appear during The Jylland Cup.

They make another appearance in A Lanista's Pride, when the Bonga Bugle hires them to protect them from Clan Gully and a Prima Donna devotee, since the owner and the head editor have sunk to such a shameful level. It should be noted that Gisuke has incredible Speed, and can KO the Lanista in two hits with Throw, so it is advisable to Charm/Stop him with a long range attacker to avoid failing before a unit gets a second turn. This itself makes the Lanista the hardest Job to obtain.

Notable members[]


  • The Eastwatch
  • The Goug Nightwatch
  • The Jylland Cup
  • A Lanista's Pride


  • Since The Eastwatch is described as being from the east, the members have Japanese names.