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The Eastern Wildlands.

The Eastern Wildlands are a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. The Wildlands are a dusty prairie to the east of the Lett Highlands, that lead into the Eye of the Rock, and ultimately to Bridge Town.

There are two subsections of the Wildlands. The first is a crop field with a little farmhouse, populated by Clavat farmers, who keep having trouble with their scarecrows (who can shoot lasers through their eyes). The farmers keep three cows, curiously named Arnold, Franz and Benjamin.

The second is a dusty sub-desert the farmers use to let their cattle graze. Here, two wild oxen keep ramming on each other, and are able to send people flying, including Layle. The NPCs you meet in this location are called "Suffering Travelers" in-game.

Eye of the Rock[]

A large hole that has been carved out of the rock by the winds over the ages. When the winds are specially strong, an eerie wailing sound can be heard as they pass through the rock. Some travelers claim to have sighted ghosts in the area...

Local News Board

The Eye of the Rock is a small canyon off of the Wildlands that leads to Bridge Town. It is a popular spot for the local Clavat and Selkie children. Within the canyon is a small pond, a moogle shop, a chocobo rental, and a stand of UMA News. Local myths say that the area is haunted.


There is a tale about the wildlands shown in the lower-corner News Board when Layle passes through Eastern Wildlands:

30 years ago, four Clavat men fled their hometown after accumulating enormous debts they could not pay off. They traveled through the night, and arrived at the wildlands near the desert. This was to become their new home.
The next day, the men began to cultivate the land with seeds they had secretly taken from their village. They toiled day and night, drawing water from afar and chasing away wild dogs. However, on the morning of their first harvest, they saw that their fields had been ravaged by wild oxen that had come down from the northern mountains. The next morning when the youngest of the men awoke, the man who had led the group to the wildlands had vanished. Now there were three.
The three men now took to putting the cattle they had brought from their town out to pasture. Gradually the cattle increased in number, providing fresh milk daily for the men. However, one year there was a drought during the summer, and all of the cattle wasted away and died. The man who had brought the cattle from the village wept over their corpses, and left the wildlands. The next year saw months of heavy rains, which rotted all the crops in the field. Now there were two.
The two men advanced past the wildlands in an attempt to hunt down the pack of wild oxen that threatened them. One of the men was once the strongest man in his village, and he fought the enormous leader of the oxen pack for three days and three nights, eventually driving the oxen back into the northern mountains. However, the strong man grew ill from the injuries he sustained in the fight, and died in the arms of the other man, the youngest man. Now there was one.


The first campaign in the Eastern Wildlands pits the player against Killer Hounds and Skeletons. These two kinds of monsters show notable interaction, as the hounds actively chase down the skeletons for their bones.

Later on, the player must fight Cactuars, and even a giant Malboro.


The minigame here involves calming the farmers' cattle, which are rampaging all over the prairie and causing various amounts of havoc, including injuring the farmers. Once the cattle are calmed, the workers send Layle rewards of thanks in the mail later on; rewards include 120 gil and various materials.

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