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Eastern Ruins on the Pureland map.

Eastern Ruins (結界の遺跡, Kekkai no Iseki?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III. The Eastern Ruins is where the Barrier Machine that prevents anyone from entering Xagor's territory, which is known as Goht. The machine is guarded by Agron.


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Arthur comes across Borgin within the ruins, he says that he has to go and investigate Mt. Goht and sends him to destroy the Barrier Machine that is deeper inside the ruins. Once Arthur locates the machine at the bottom of the ruins, he finds himself unable to inflict harm on Agron with the Mystic Sword. Dion decides to blow himself up with the bomb that was planted within him by Dr. Belski, and destroys himself along with the Barrier Machine. With Agron protection out of the way, Arthur engages in battle with him.

After Agron's defeat, Borgin arrives. He tells Arthur that Dion saved their lives and they must not let his sacrifice be in vain. They have to defeat Xagor at Mt. Goht, and then go through the hole in the Talon2. Borgin joins the party afterwards.

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  • FireFan
  • Warlock
  • Sphinx
  • Virago
  • Alert
  • Echidna
  • Hustler
  • SS
  • Agron (Boss)