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Eastern Altepa Desert.

Eastern Altepa Desert is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

Locations Edit

The Oasis of Garidav Edit

EastAltepa Oasis of Garidav

The Oasis of Garidav.

Position: (F-9)

Altep Telepoint Edit

EastAltepa Telepoint

The Altep Telepoint crystal.

Position: (G-7)

Chocobo Rental Edit

EastAltepa Chocobo

Eulaclaire provides chocobo rental services in Eastern Altepa Desert.

Position: (G-7)

Outpost Edit

EastAltepa Outpost

Eastern Altepa Desert's outpost.

Position: (F-10)

Connected Areas Edit

Two tunnels are connected to the Western Altepa Desert
Numerous tunnel entrances lead to the Quicksand Caves. However, not all oare
The Korroloka Tunnel can be found directly east from this area.
A one-way path from the Cloister of Tremors leads to this area.

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Enemies Edit

Notorious Monsters Edit

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