East Shroud.

East Shroud is a location in Final Fantasy XIV.

Story[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

The river in East Shroud.

The East Shroud is the eastern most edge of Eorzea, beyond which lies the Garlean controlled Gyr Abania. The immense Baelsar's Wall rings the entire eastern border.

This zone connects to Central Shroud along a road in the Honey Yards, and to the South Shroud in Nine Ivies through Mun-Tuy Cellars. The docks at Sweetbloom Pier run ferries to Gridania.

Aetherytes[edit | edit source]

The only Aetheryte is located at Hawthorne's hut, in south center of the map.

Areas[edit | edit source]

The lake in Sylphland.

East Shroud contains the following areas:

  • The Honey Yard - The closest section to Gridania.
  • Nine Ivies – The southern most area.
  • Bramble Patch – A tangled grove in the center.
  • Larkscall - A high-level woodland road in the east, with a distinctive green tint.
  • Sylphsland - The sprawling stronghold of the Sylph beast-tribe in the northwest.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Hawthorne Hut[edit | edit source]

Hawthorne Hut.

An aetheryte camp run by Rolfe Hawthorne and his family.

Little Solace[edit | edit source]

Little Solace.

Located near Hawthorne's Hut, this village has become a refuge for untouched sylphs after a schism in the Sylphlands over their primal.

Weather[edit | edit source]

East Shroud's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • Clear Skies
  • Sunshine
  • Fog
  • Overcast
  • Rain
  • Thunder
  • Tension (only when Odin is roaming the Black Shroud)

Places of interest[edit | edit source]

Sanctum of the Twelve[edit | edit source]

Once created long ago during the Fifth Umbral Era as a place of refuge, this sanctuary was rediscovered after the calamity and has since been used for a number of ceremonies.

Castrum Oriens[edit | edit source]

A Garlean citadel located southeast of Nine Ivies. It runs under Baelsar's Wall and serves as a vital supply line for the XIVth Legion's campaigns in Eorzea.

Sylphlands[edit | edit source]

The deepest part of the forest. Ever since a schism over the primal Ramuh, the sylphlands has become extremely hostile to visitors, whether they be Eorzean or Garlean. The area is perpetually tinted purple.

Baelsar's Wall[edit | edit source]

A colossal metal wall separating the Black Shroud from Gyr Abania. It was built by Solus zos Galvus to protect the empire against beast tribe and primal threats.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Duties[edit | edit source]

Baelsar's Wall.

Baelsar's Wall Baelsar's Wall
Level 60
Item level 230
Entrance found at coordinates (22, 31).

Marking the border between the Black Shroud and Gyr Abania, the legacy of Gaius van Baelsar is a towering monument to imperial tyranny. And now smoke rises from its iron crenellations.

In a bid to drag the armies of Eorzea into the struggle for Ala Mhigan liberation, the Griffin and his Resistance fighters have disguised themselves in Grand Company uniforms and laid siege to Baelsar's Wall. While Alphinaud seeks to call your companions back from their now-meaningless mission of diplomacy, you must ascend the war-torn fortification by the swiftest route possible and persuade the Griffin─by force, if necessary─to abandon his reckless ambition.

Thornmarch (Hard).

Thornmarch (Hard) Thornmarch (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 54
Entrance found at coordinates (15, 20).

Good King Moggle Mog, the Twelfth of His Name, has once more been called forth by the Mogglesguard. Though the king is not considered a primal in the strictest sense, he poses a threat not unlike that of the beastman gods, in that his influence could corrupt his people's peaceful nature. And so, like those other aether-starved beings, he too must be felled for the sake of the realm.
The Striking Tree (Hard).

The Striking Tree (Hard) The Striking Tree (Hard)
Level 50
Item level 65
Entrance found at coordinates (25, 17).

After forging deep into the Sylphlands, you meet with the intimidating guardian deity of the sylphs─the primal Ramuh. But before he will consider your proposal of peace, the Lord of Levin first demands proof that you possess the strength required to repel the Empire from the Twelveswood. The thunderous entity then vanishes in a blinding flash, leaving the words of his challenge yet echoing in your ears. Enter the primal's domain, and prepare to be measured on the scales of battle!
Thornmarch (Extreme).

Thornmarch (Extreme) Thornmarch (Extreme)
Level 50
Item level 80
Entrance found at coordinates (15, 20).

Kuplo Kopp's attempt to chastise the Mogglesguard for their dangerous and foolhardy actions has not had the intended effect. Reminded of how deadly the Twelveswood has become, the royal guards have instead channeled their fear and desperation into calling forth an even more potent potentate. The Good King Moggle Mog XII now styles himself the Great King Moggle Mog XII, and all the evildoers in the forest shall tremble before his majestic wrath!
The Striking Tree (Extreme).

The Striking Tree (Extreme) The Striking Tree (Extreme)
Level 50
Item level 85
Entrance found at coordinates (25, 17).

Satisfied that the Warrior of Light has passed his trial, the primal Ramuh departs Eorzea for the aetherial sea. His sylvan thralls, however, unconvinced that their territory is truly safe, have focused their deep-rooted fear and spite into summoning their god anew. Can you rise to the challenge and prove your might once again? Crackling with the vengeful energies of his children's prayers, the Lord of Levin's judgment promises to be harsh indeed...

FATEs[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Northern Vulture
  • Tree Slug
  • Wild Hoglet
  • Mandragora
  • Goblin Hunter
  • Boring Weevil
  • Lemur
  • Faerie Funguar
  • Giant Gnat
  • Ziz Gorlin
  • Gall Gnat
  • Overgrown Ivy
  • Boar Poacher
  • Raptor Poacher
  • Wolf Poacher
  • Wild Boar
  • Black Bat
  • Diseased Treant
  • Jumping Djigga
  • Glowfly
  • Sylvan Groan
  • Sylvan Scream
  • Sylvan Sough
  • Molted Ziz
  • Ochu
  • Morbol
  • Sylvan Screech
  • Sylvan Sigh
  • Sylvan Snarl
  • 3rd Cohort Eques
  • 3rd Cohort Hoplomachus
  • 3rd Cohort Laquearius
  • 3rd Cohort Signifer
  • 3rd Cohort Secutor
  • Sylpheed Screech
  • Sylpheed Sigh
  • Sylpheed Snarl
  • Dreamtoad
  • Sylphlands Condor
  • Sylphlands Sentinel
  • Sylph Bonnet
  • Milkroot Sapling
  • Milkroot Cluster
  • Violet Screech
  • Violet Sigh
  • Violet Snarl
  • Stinging Sophie (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Melt (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Wulgaru (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

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