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Calls upon the power of the earth to attack enemies and heal allies.


Earth Blues is a Dance option for Mog in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the abilities Rock Slide, Sonic Boom, Sunbath, and Boar Brigade. These abilities mostly focus on non-elemental damage, with a small chance to heal party members' HP. It is learned from battling in mountain locations.


Earth Blues is learned by battling on one of the following locations with Mog in the party: Mt. Kolts, Esper Caves, Mt. Zozo, Floating Continent, and Kefka's Tower.

Gogo can also use any Dance that Mog has learned by equipping Dance in Gogo's ability menu.


Name Description Chance Image
Rock Slide
(Land Slide)
Deals non-elemental magic damage to one opponent. Its spell power is 65, it is unblockable and it ignores defense. 7 in 16 Rock Slide
Sonic Boom Reduces one enemy's HP by 5/8 of its max HP, inflicts sap and is unblockable, but fails on targets immune to Death. 6 in 16 Sonic Boom
(Sun Bath)
Restores HP to all allies. Its spell power is 50. 2 in 16 Sunbath
Boar Brigade
Deals non-elemental magic damage to one opponent. Its spell power is 53, it is unblockable, and it ignores defense. It will not hit flying targets. 1 in 16 Boar Brigade


Earth Blues is a reliable Dance option as it provides strong non-elemental damage to single targets, with a small chance to heal HP. Though its damage is all single-target, its attacks are strong, and due to being non-elemental, enemies' elemental affinities cannot mitigate it. If using Dance against bosses, Earth Blues is one of the most reliable choices, as only Sonic Boom will be ineffective; however, the randomness of Dance means that players may prefer not to use Dance against bosses at all.

Earth Blues is comparable to Wind Rhapsody, another reliable Dance option. The main differences are Earth Blues' attacks are single target, and it has a higher chance to attack than heal, whereas Wind Rhapsody can deal non-elemental damage to multiple targets and has a greater chance to heal.

As with Dance in general, using it will make Mog uncontrollable for the rest of the fight. As such, players should be certain that they will only want Mog for these abilities for the rest of the battle, and should be prepared for a degree of randomness. Because Dance's damage is magic based, if players wish to use Mog this way, leveling him up with magicite that boosts his Magic stat is ideal; alternatively, players may prefer to use Dragoon Boots and rely on his physical damage from spears, meaning Strength should be used instead.