A fictionalized version of real-world planet Earth appears in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Unlike the numerous other worlds of the Final Fantasy series this is meant to be the actual planet in the present time, including some real-world locations and culture. The Earth in Final Fantasy: Unlimited is just one of numerous world in the anime's multiverse. Like all of them, it is threatened to be devoured by Chaos and then assimilated into Wonderland.

In opening episode of the series, Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness, a Pillar of Darkness appears in the Sea of Japan, where it can be seen from the shores all around. It serves as portal into Wonderland. Out of Pillar come two dragons, which do battle above the Japanese port of Sadogashima. Two scientists, Joe Hayakawa and his wife Mary Hayakawa enter the Pillar and explore the world of Wonderland. They return and publish their findings in a book that becomes world famous. The Interdimensional Train later serves as a portal between Earth and Wonderland.

The main protagonists of the series, Ai and Yu Hayakawa are raised on Earth and Lisa Pacifist and Soljashy also hail from Earth.

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