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Eagrose Castle.

High seat of Gallione and home to Duke Larg, its lord, this city is second in size only to the royal city of Lesalia.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Eagrose Castle (イグーロス城, Igūrosu-jou?), also known as Igros Castle, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the capital of Gallionne, and home base of House Beoulve and the Order of the Northern Sky. It is also the site where the Lucavi demon Adrammelech was defeated.

Battle information[]

Eagrose Castle Keep[]

Eagrose Castle Keep
Front view:
Inside of Igros Castle 1.gif
Back view:
Inside of Igros Castle 3.gif
Side view:
Inside of Igros Castle 2.gif
Back side view:
Inside of Igros Castle 4.gif
Overhead grid:
Inside of Igros Castle OH.png
Additional info The knights found on this level cannot be charmed.

Once Dycedarg is defeated, he will transform into Adrammelech. Turn order resumes as before.

Conditions First Phase: Defeat Dycedarg

Second Phase: Defeat Adrammelech

Weather Indoors
Enemy level Average: 39 Recommended level 43 - 45
Team capacity 4 + Ramza Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies None Hidden items
Note: It is possible to miss out on treasures here, as this is a one-time battle.

(can also steal Defender, Aegis Shield from Dycedarg)

Terrain Flagstone, Bridge Geomancy Contortion, Wind Slash


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Mount Gulg Mother Lode Ch.2 15-16 3100 Artefact
Minstrel in Distress Ch.3 13-16 50 Reward Money Thief
Mameco the Minstrel Ch.3 15-16 Reward Money
Guard Duty Ch.3*(After Orbonne battles) 11-13 2000 Artefact Black Mage
Hellspawned Beast Ch.4 14-15 1000 Monk
Metamorphosed Misery Ch.4*(Must complete Hellspawned Beast errand first) 15-16 1100
Ancient Wonder Ch.4*(After Limberry battles) 13-14 200 Wonder

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Eagrose Castle FFT.png
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  • The map is called Eagrose Castle Solar and it does not appear within normal gameplay, it only appears within a cutscene. The only way to see this tile is by using a hacking device to battle inside the office map and then rotating the map. It should be noted that the terrain tile "Sky" appear only on this map at the two edges of the map. The Sky tile does not appear anywhere else.