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The Eagle.

The Eagle is a reoccurring motif in the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.


The Eagle[]

First appearing soaring above the Tucson wastelands, the eagle represented the continuation of Earth's wildlife despite the Phantom invasion. The eagle appears again soaring above the remains of the Leonid Meteor after its destruction at the hands of the Zeus Cannon and Gaia. During both appearances Gray Edwards is shown watching the eagle with interest.

Although not possessing an obvious association with any character in the movie, the eagle might be best suited to Gray Edwards, due to his traits and various quips about his personality that might seem "eagle-like".


With the exception of the Zeus Cannon all the aircraft/spacecraft featured in the film had designs reflecting various poses of eagles in flight.

United States of America[]

The national animal symbol of the United States of America, the eagle, might well have been an influence in the very setting and location of where the movie takes place. Some Native American peoples revere eagles as sacred religious objects and the significance of feathers and parts of Bald and Golden Eagles are often comparable to the Bible and crucifix. In the cultures of the Northwest Coast the Eagle is a supernatural being and ancestor, and features in the heraldic crests of important clans. These crests are known as totem poles.

The United States Military Force[]

Eagle feathers are often used in various ceremonies and are used to honor noteworthy achievements and qualities such as exceptional leadership and bravery. The eagle feather, or more accurately the eagle wing, is prominently represented in the modern US military through coat of arms, badges, and medals. These examples remain in the movie's United States Military Force with its members, particularly the higher staff, donning eagle wing paraphernalia.