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"EX Dungeon A" (named as such in the World of Final Fantasy Strategy Guide), also known as ??? on the map and the Mirage Manual, is an optional post-game dungeon located in the The Girl's Tearoom in World of Final Fantasy. It is one of three dungeons that becomes available after clearing every Intervention quest, then defeating the final boss. Three Gates that were not there before appear inside the Girl's Tearoom—the Gate that takes the player to EX Dungeon A is the one furthest to the right.


The layout of EX Dungeon A consists of portions of other dungeons in Grymoire, connected with one another. The player traverses through these areas in the opposite direction than what is done in the original dungeons. Pulling up the map, however, shows nothing.

The enemies encountered in each area are those normally found in the original dungeons, but there are also very rare encounters with enemies that served as bosses from The Crystal Tower (Asterius, Tiamat, Buer, and Kraken) that are accompanied by several regular ones that correspond to the "element" of the "boss enemy". These particular enemies can be imprismed.

At the end of this dungeon the player finds Shivver, and approaching her engages a boss fight with she, Shivverina and Brrblizz in a stack.


Area 1

This area resembles The Sunken Temple - Quacheon 7.

Area 2

This area resembles The Windswept Mire - Fen 2.

Area 3

This area resembles Saronia Docks - Station 1. A Puzzle Switch in the area requires a combined weight stat of 10 or higher, and a Water resistance stat of 100 or higher. Activating it causes the water to recede from the area, giving the player access to the small island with two treasure chests guarded by an Adamantoise.

Area 4

This area resembles Icicle Ridge - Slip 4. Has the only Save Crystal in the dungeon, and is where the Shivver Stack is fought. Defeating all three bosses creates an Exit Gate back to Nine Wood Hills.


WoFF EX Dungeon A Map


Name Location Image
EXP Boost Mirajewel Area 1
Water Spellstone x3 Area 1
Gold Hourglass x4 Area 1
Hi-Ether x5 Area 1
Loco Weed x2 Area 2
Turbo Ether x2 Area 2
Mega-Ether Area 3
Remedy+ Area 3
X-Potion x3 Area 4
Key Items


Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
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