"eScape" is the battle theme of Omega from Final Fantasy XIV. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken, who described it as a "Cosmic Sea Shanty."

Game appearances

Final Fantasy XIV

eScape plays in the Alphascape V3.0, where the player fights Omega for the first time. The maritime-themed lyrics fit into a greater theme in Alphascape V3.0 depicting Omega as a ship of cosmic proportions; for example, Omega has Larboard and Starboard Wave Cannons.

This theme was remixed with The Altar Cave into "A Long Fall", the theme of The Twinning. It was also used in the 2019 April Fool's joke, wherein Square Enix announced an "Omega" smart speaker. When the couple in the "commercial" for Omega asks for "romantic music" while frying chicken tenders, Omega begins to play eScape. This is because many players have misheard the first few lines as "A big chicken tender / Get ready to fry" or a similar mondegreen.


A drifting tender
Come ride, heroes, ride
Her galleon severed
Away with the tide
The storm heads gather
Come ride, heroes, ride
Illusions scattered
Away with the tide
Do weathered warriors wander their way whither wanting wonders wait.
Hark the heralds, anchors aweigh! Hither happens mine escape.
Freedom forgone, sinking apace. Comets crumble, Phoebus fades.
Under cosmic clamor decayed, hides a path untaken.
Ancient echoes
Come ride, heroes, ride
In deafening silence
Away with the tide
A wave of hazard
Come ride, heroes, ride
A-whorling inward
Away with the tide
Stellar stories starward bestrewn, slipping sidewise; see, they're snakes.
Twixt the leaves you'll find naught amiss—missing aughts and crossing fates.
Freedom surgent shifting ahead, comets dancing in her wake.
To the cosmic clarion's accord, along the path not taken.
Try, dare the dead tread ahead on a road that was borrowed design. (Design)
Through the sum of their suns do they seek tomorrow. (Tomorrow)
Tonight, witness then as the end shall begin what was final.
Their lies, folding back, further back, ever back to the primal.
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