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When will they open their eyes? Our cause is Just!


Dyunbu pyr Potitus is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She appears in the Bozjan Southern Front as a member of the IVth Imperial Legion's mage detachment.


Dyunbu's portrait in Field Record.

Orphaned at a tender age, Dyunbu grew up on the streets of Revenia. Though citizenship was not an unusual aspiration for those of her lot, she knew none who wanted it as badly as she did. Believing education to be the key to raising herself up, she took to stealing into the local school and learning as a student in all but name. Her efforts would not be in vain, for when she was eventually placed into imperial care, her impressive ability with letters came to the attention of officials, who sent her to be formally educated at the army reserve academy.

It was there that she first encountered Noah van Gabranth's ideology, and it resonated with her to the very core. In the years that followed, she would enlist in the IVth and become the legatus's staunchest adherent, fighting every battle and weaving every spell in the name of her dreamed-of utopia.

In the wake of Emperor Varis's assassination, the various wings of the Garlean military had braced themselves for another bloody war of succession, but few could have anticipated the unprecedented collapse of the chain of command in the motherland. Yet where others saw chaos, Dyunbu, a stout believer in van Gabranth's ideals, espied an opportunity to realize her commander's goal of establishing an independent new nation.

The Empire's seemingly inevitable disintegration had cast a pall of uncertainty over the fate of countless soldiers, and none felt greater apprehension than those who hailed from the provinces. To such weary souls separated from hearth and home, Dyunbu extolled the virtues of the cause, encouraging them to cast aside past allegiances and join her in the promised land, while making clear her vehement disapproval of those who would align themselves with the Resistance. Such unbridled zeal places her amongst van Gabranth's most loyal, and one cannot help but wonder whence arose her convictions. To find the answer, one must glimpse into her past and see the path she walked which led to her adopting the surname Potitus, common among Miqo'te with imperial citizenship.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Dyunbu leads a detachment of mages on the Bozjan Southern Front becoming troublesome for the resistance and making a name for themselves on the battlefield. While doing reconnaissance near Olana's Stand, Dyunbu and her mages engage the Bozjan resistance, stating that if things get bad they must retreat. As the battle wages on she forces her wounded comrades to retreat so they don't get killed in battle. She is eventually overpowered and with her surviving soldiers retreat into Old Bozja. Because of her defeat she doubts her abilities in assisting Gabranth build his new nation.

The group sets up camp near a significant position for the resistance, and Dyunbu says a prayer for her fallen soldiers until they are assaulted by the resistance led by Isolde Covey. Dyunbu argues with Isolde in battle, stating that their cause is just and that they fight for Noah Gabranth's dream: to build a new nation, that is unified and equal for all. Unfortunately she is unable to convince them and push back her foes, resulting in more of Dyunbu's allies to be slain. She feels grief over their loss stating that they were supposed to see this through to the end and vowing to make the resistance pay.

Near the Orphaned Ruins, Dyunbu joins with other units after their losses, and attempt to push back the resistance one last time. Here Dyunbu goes into a rage, seeking revenge against the resistance for slaying her friends, stating that they know nothing of suffering and vow to teach them the meaning of pain. She is finally struck down in battle, and with her last breath she whispers that she will soon be reunited with her fallen comrades.

Although Dyunbu falls in battle during the events on the Southern Front, she is temporarily resurrected by the IVth Legion's Shemhazai as Dyunbu the Accursed, a distorted and bloodthirsty version of herself. Llofii is horrified to see that her former comrades are turned into undead soldiers and before being put down once more, she questions where her comrades have gone.



Dyunbu is a sunseeker Miqo'te with gray hair and green eyes. Like many IVth legion soldiers, she wears a red Diamond Coat of Aiming, Diamond Boots of Casting and gloves that are white with the thumb part of the hand colored black. In battle Dyunubu wields a Zelkova Cane. As an undead she has pale gray skin and her eyes are a noticeably lighter shade of green.


Dyunbu is a compassionate woman who cares deeply for her comrades and her cause. Where other major members of the IVth are often dismissive of the rank and file or too focused on their own obsessions, Dyunbu openly despairs at the deaths of her fellow soldiers. She also seeks revenge for those killed by the resistance and prays for her fallen soldiers. In skirmishes she attempts to convince the Bozjan Resistance that her cause is just and that they would see that if they would just stop and focus. She, however, lacks that same focus herself; she is too fanatical in her beliefs to really understand the Resistance, dooming them to conflict. Dyunbu is a respected leader by her soldiers, when in battle she tells them to retreat if they are injured, but a few state that they won't abandon her, and those injured tell her they can still fight.


Dyunbu is fought in three skirmishes in the The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front, she appears in Brought to Heal Brought to Heal, No Camping Allowed No Camping Allowed, and For Absent Friends For Absent Friends. During these battles she is accompanied by other mages as well as some large elementals. She uses the offensive spells Tactical Aero which can knockback players and debuff them with windburn. Tactical Tornado that launches any player into the air and brings their HP to a small percentage, and Tactical Water, that deals damage and inflicts Heavy. She also uses beneficial spells such as Field Medicine that will heal a single ally and Marching Breath which will heal a large amount of HP to nearby allies but can be silenced.

In Zadnor Zadnor during the critical engagement From Beyond the Grave From Beyond the Grave, she is summoned as "Dyunbu the Accursed" as an add, along with Hernais pyr Longus, repeating most mechanics from her earlier fights as well as a new ability called Aethertide that appears on the top of a few players heads as a red AoE. In this iteration, she has notably paler skin.


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