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Dynoaevis is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during The Archaean main quest. Dynoaevises are fought inside the Disc of Cauthess during chapter 4 by Noctis and Gladiolus. Despite dwelling in volcanic terrain, the birds are weak to fire. They are also weak to daggers and firearms, and resist lightning and light. They swoop down from the sky to attack. Gladiolus may not be of much help against flying targets, but the player can warp-strike the birds.


Close relative of the daggerquill. Having adapted to the sweltering heat and turbulent updrafts of the Disc of Cauthess, the dynoaevis soars around the complex chasms with ease. It possesses few natural predators and thus lives in relative peace, but is also quite sensitive to any disturbance in its environment.
Size: 8.23 ft. Weight: 45.2 lb.


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