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Dyne was once Barret's closest friend, back when the two used to make their living in the coal mines of Corel. Now, he is a wanted man with a gun grafted to his left arm, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth description

Dyne is a non-player character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He is a minor supporting antagonist in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and has a minor role in the novella Hoshi o Meguru Otome. Dyne was a coal miner in Corel, a longtime childhood friend of Barret Wallace, the husband of Eleanor, and the biological father of Marlene Wallace.

After losing his family, hometown, and arm to the Shinra Electric Power Company's blaze, Dyne was overwhelmed with anger and hatred toward the company and went insane. He eventually turned into a wanted man, grafted a gun to his left arm, and became the boss of Corel Prison.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Dyne falls off a cliff

Dyne was shot by Shinra troops and fell into a ravine.

Dyne was a childhood friend of Barret and both worked together in the coal mines of Corel. Dyne opposed Shinra's plan to build a mako reactor in their hometown, unlike Barret and the other townsfolk, and valued the protection of Corel's coal resources. He eventually married a woman named Eleanor and conceived a daughter they named Marlene in 0003.[1]

Dyne and Barret were out of town when an explosion occurred in the Corel reactor, returning home to find Shinra setting the town ablaze to cover up the incident as the actions of a local insurgent group with most of the inhabitants slaughtered, including Eleanor, presumely Marlene, and Barret's wife Myrna. Dyne and Barret were devastated upon returning and were forced to flee, linking their left and right arm respectively. Shinra troops led by Scarlet shot through their linked arms, causing Dyne to lose his left arm and tumble into a ravine to his apparent death, though he miraculously survived.[2]

Sometime later, Dyne ends up in Corel Prison and underwent the same operation as Barret and had his left arm replaced with a machine gun. Having lost everything he once loved, Dyne eventually went mad.[2][1]

Original continuity[]

Corel Prison and reunion with Barret[]

Dyne was mentioned by Barret in "Barret's Past" when recounting the events of Corel's destruction and their friendship to the party. He was confident Dyne survived and would join them before splitting from the party to find him.[2] Sometime during "Sanctuary of Amusement", Dyne massacred a group of people at the Gold Saucer and fled the scene. Cloud Strife's party witnessed the aftermath and feared it was Barret's doing. However, Dio ultimately accused them for the massacre and sent them to Corel Prison.[3]

Barret Confronts Dyne

Barret confronts Dyne at Corel Prison.

An apologetic Barret found an insane Dyne at Corel Prison during "The Desert Prison" and attempted to reason with him. Dyne claimed to hear his deceased wife's voice, begging for him not to hate Barret. Despite Barret's persistent efforts to get through to him, an indifferent Dyne expressed his nihilistic view on the world, stating it was filled with despair and emptiness. Having nothing left, including Eleanor and Marlene, Dyne wished for the world's destruction. However, Barrett revealed that Marlene had survived and stated he had rescued and been caring for her, inviting Dyne to Midgar for a reunion. Dyne felt a brief moment of relief before he abruptly snapped, expressing a desire to fight Barret.[4]

A manic Dyne insisted on reuniting Marlene with her mother, intending to kill her. An emotionally conflicted Barret opposed fighting his old friend and refused Cloud's party who just arrived from intervening. Barret defeated Dyne, knocking some sense back into him. Dyne acknowledged losing something irreplaceable in the past, lamenting that Marlene would not remember him, and feeling his hands were too stained with blood to ever hold her again. Dyne then handed his pendant to Barret, asking him to pass it down to Marlene as a memento, and he accepted. Dyne, in disbelief that Marlene was now four years old, made Barret promise never to make her cry before jumping off a cliff to his death.[4]


Since his death, as seen in Hoshi o Meguru Otome, Dyne was tormented by the memories of his actions in life and his gun-arm was symbolically soaked in blood because of it. With Aerith Gainsborough's help, Dyne accepted he wanted the world destroyed when he was alive, eventually freed himself of suffering, and found solace. As a reward, the lifestream accepted him and he was greeted by a vision of his wife before moving on.[5]

Remake continuity[]

When Dyne learned a Shinra executive named Palmer is visiting the Golden Saucer, Dyne massacred a group of people in an attempt on the executive's life and fled back to Corel Prison. He is captured by the local gang and kept in the scrapyard before found by Barret, attacking him after seeing him with Cloud and assuming he is working with Shinra. An apologetic Barret try reasoning with Dyne as the man claimed to hear his deceased wife begging him not to hate Barret. While livid that Barret had been raising Marlene, Dyne acknowledge he has no right to hold her from the blood on his hands. He then shields Barret from a barrage of bullets from Shinra soldiers, telling Barret to live with the guilt with his final breath while being greeted with a vision of his wife.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promo 50

Dyne's scarred face in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Dyne is a middle-aged man with sharp features and a lithe, toned physique in contrast to Barret.[1] He has tan skin, short dark hair, brown eyes, and a scar across his left eye.

In Final Fantasy VII, he has black hair and a clean shaven face, wears a sleeveless black jacket over a white t-shirt, green pants, dark brown combat boots, and a dark fingerless glove. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Dyne has short brown hair, stubble, and wears a short-sleeve brown jacket with dark red accents worn over a white t-shirt with black straps, dark green cargo pants, black combat boots, and a fingerless black glove.

In all appearances, he wears a gold pendant and has a machine gun on his left arm. The pendant's original appearance in Final Fantasy VII is a simple clasp necklace with a silver fine chain, while in Rebirth the fine chain is gold; both versions bear a smooth gold oval pendant with a cursive uppercase D imprinted in the center. Concept art shows that it was originally intended to consist of two finely engraved dogtag like pendants, with what appears to be a bullet, presumably from the time he and Barret were separated after Corel's razing.

His machine gun on his left hand is one with a model designed after heavy machine guns with a black finish, possibly in deliberate contrast to Barret's signature silver polish finished gatling gun arm and future exchangeable models. The gun arm appears to be elongated for purposes of maintaining bullet trajectory for long range fire with an enlarged barrel to eject high power caliber rounds and an elongated muzzle at the end half to ensure a heatsink to avoid overheating, while the feed is openly attached with a munitions drum magazine, appearing to be a pan magazine in the original Final Fantasy VII or one akin to the real world Beta-C 100 round magazine in Rebirth. Dyne's gun arm can also fire high powered explosives, switching firing modes by twisting his left arm and the position the gun arm is held.


Dyne was a hard-working man who valued tradition. He loved his family dearly, cherishing his wife and newborn daughter. Dyne was the childhood best friend of Barret. They labored in Corel's coal mines and sometimes traveled together. Despite being longtime friends, the two butted heads over Shinra's plan to construct a mako reactor in the town, which Dyne vehemently opposed because he was protective of Corel's coal resources. Dyne and Barret were devastated when Shinra razed Corel, linked arms and tried to flee. However, Shinra troops shot through their linked arms and Dyne fell into a ravine, a tragedy that left a lasting impact on them both.[2][1]

Shinra's actions robbed Dyne of his family, hometown, and left arm, fueling an intense anger and hatred towards the company. Stripped of everything he loved, Dyne descended into madness and adopted a nihilistic worldview, committing remorseless murders,[3] believing the world was filled with despair and emptiness, and desiring its destruction.[2][1] When Barret reunited with Dyne, he was happy his friend survived and hoped for his support, but encountered manic rage instead. Dyne's moment of clarity upon learning Marlene survived was short-lived, as he turned violent, intending to kill Marlene and reunite her with her mother. Defeated by Barret, a grief-stricken Dyne lamented his stained hands and felt unworthy of Marlene, choosing suicide and devastating his best friend.[4] His actions in life tormented him in death, but he eventually found peace and was accepted into the lifestream.[5]


Dyne is fought during the events of Corel Prison in a one-on-one battle against Barret. He fights mainly using physical abilities and despite having access to Fire he never uses it. Dyne is vulnerable to Poison-elemental damage.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike[]

Dyne appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. His Limit Break was S Mine.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Dyne's pendant.

Included with the International Version's special fourth disc is a large collection of various background items seen during the course of the game. Dyne's pendant is one such item that can be viewed.

According to the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega,[6] Marlene was originally going to be Barret's daughter rather than Dyne's. Dyne originally wanted to fight Barret because he still had someone in this world, while Dyne was left with no one. Dyne had many proposed names in the early drafts, such as Duel, and Vicks.

Dyne's aspects in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth were toned down for his arc. Rather than killing people at random out of frustration, he tries to assassinate Palmer upon hearing word that a Shinra executive is going to appear at the Gold Saucer, which results in innocent people being mowed down in his failed attempt. Dyne is also no longer the head of the Corel Prison, and his near psychotic nihilistic state is instead depicted as him being extremely paranoid and seeing hallucinations of his dead wife, Eleanor.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the player can visit Dyne's grave later in the game to see he was buried as Dio promised. Marlene's photo will be on the grave and Barret walks over and stands before grave in silence.


Dyne is the unit of force in physics specified in the centimeter-gram-second system of units. It is defined as "the force required to accelerate a mass of one gram at a rate of one centimeter per second squared". The word ultimately comes from Greek dynamis, meaning "power" or "force".