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Dynamis (デュナミス, Dyunamisu?), also known as akasa (アーカーシャ, Ākāsha?) to the people of Thavnair, is a concept in Final Fantasy XIV that is formally introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but is ascribed to many of the phenomena experienced throughout the entirety of the game. Its existence is known only to a few scholars, and because it is invisible and intangible it is hard to properly experiment with.

It is another form of energy distinct from aether that permeates the universe, and in pure quantity is the more abundant of the two, accounting for approximately 68.3% of all known energy. However, its effect on the material realm is much weaker than aether's, and is almost completely drowned out in the presence of equivalent amounts of aether. As such, dynamis only shows tangible effects when in large quantities, most notably outer space, away from comparatively aether-rich planets. The less aether a being has, the easier it is for them to use or become corrupted by dynamis, and beings that use dynamis as their primary energy source are known as entelechies (エンテレケイア, Enterekeia?).

Dynamis is a form of energy that reacts to strong emotions, both negative and positive. Surges of strong emotion and willpower bringing strength to someone in their hour of need are examples of dynamis in action, such as Limit Breaks. Though Elidibus was an unsundered Ascian, and thus would normally not be able to tap into this power on his own, his transformation into a Warrior of Light and drawing on the might of other heroes' shades allowed him to exploit this power, albeit ignorant of the term and its significance.

There are tales in Radz-at-Han of the Totentanz, a strange malady that preys on unfortunate souls, feeding off their anger and sorrow to make them attack their friends and spreading the darkness in their hearts to those around them. While a connection is never directly made, this resembles the effects of dynamis during the Final Days. The Hannish dancers who wield the Kriegstanz, an ancient form of dance said to predate Radz-at-Han, travel the world spreading joy and hope to suffering peoples to combat the effects of the Totentanz. Similarly, the bards of Gridania are said to bestow their songs with power via a fervent desire to aid their comrades. Their music is filled with their own emotions to touch the hearts of others and supply them with magical boons.


Though dynamis itself is not used in any clear visible ways in the game, using limit breaks is the result of unleashing dynamis. During the final battle against the Endsinger, in order to survive her Ultimate Fate-ability, tank has to use LB3 to provide the required protection from it. After this, the Endsinger wonders if it was through dynamis that the party survived.

Behind the scenes[]

The stated percentage of energy dynamis makes up is reported to be 68.3%. This alludes to the real world concept of "dark energy", a form of energy that cannot be interacted with via normal means and is believed to have noticeable effects on larger scales. It is theorized to be the reason for the expanding universe and account for 68.3% of all energy. Likewise, dynamis being used to accelerate the end of the universe is a reference to how dark energy accelerates the expansion of space.

Before the release of Endwalker, the term dynamis was attributed to the Resistance item Dynamis Dice.


Dynamis or dunamis comes from the Ancient Greek word dúnamis (δύναμις) which means "potentiality", a principle in philosophy.

Akasha or akasa comes from the Sanskrit word ākāśa (आकाश) which means "space", "sky", or "aether". This would be a parallel to the similar concept of aether.