The Shrouded Land of Dynamis is an important plot point and location in Final Fantasy XI. It is a parallel dimension to Vana'diel and dream world, created by Diabolos. Dynamis can only be accessed in the Chains of Promathia and Rise of the Zilart expansion packs.

Areas in Dynamis ruled by the Dynamis Lord and included in Rise of the Zilart are:

It is required to attain nation rank 6 by defeating the Shadow Lord to begin Rise of the Zilart dynamis.

Areas in Dynamis ruled by Diabolos and included in Chains of Promathia are:

It is required to defeat Diabolos in the Chains of Promathia mission "Darkness Named" to begin Chains of Promathia Dynamis.

Dynamis enemies provide players with relic weapons, relic armor, and ancient currency to activate relic weapons.

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