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FFLIII Dwelg Town

Dwelg Town on the Underworld map.

Dwelg Town (モズマの町, Mozuma no Chou?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III, and its the home of the Dwelgs. The player will have normal encounters with monsters within the city and inside the houses, and if they try to speak to a Dwelg as a human, they'll attack the player's party. The only way to access the shops or speak to the Dwelgs is to cast the Morph spell and turn the party into Dwelgs.


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Arthur, disguised as a Dwelg, tricks the boss of the Dwelgs into needing reinforcement to stops the humans who are traversing the crevasse and heading to Goht. The boss of the Dwelgs tells him to take the guard at the North Stairs with him.

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Name Cost
FFLIII SwordDefense 25000 G
FFLIII OrdnanceMissile 25000 G
FFLIII SkillKarate 28000 G
FFLIII Explosive1Nuke 50000 G


Name Cost
FFLIII ShoesHermes 18000 G
FFLIII HelmetHecate 25000 G
FFLIII ArmorPower 25000 G
FFLIII ArmorLight 25000 G


Name Cost
FFLIII CurativeCure1 50 G
FFLIII CurativeCure2 150 G
FFLIII CurativeCure3 300 G
FFLIII CurativeMagic 1500 G
FFLIII TentTent 2000 G
FFLIII CurativeElixir 3500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII White MagicMagma 25000 G
FFLIII White MagicWhite 25000 G
FFLIII Black MagicNuke 25000 G
FFLIII Black MagicFatal 25000 G


  • Dwelg
  • Scylla
  • Searcher
  • Sorcerer
  • HiredGun
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