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Duster, also known as Dastar, is a village in Final Fantasy III. Located in an island in the middle of the Surface World, it is populated by Bards and Geomancers, and sells Bard and Geomancer equipment, most of which is unique to Duster. The Bards in town will sing about events in history, such as the Flood of Light.

The Inn here charges 320 gil.


Item Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Hi-Potion 1,200 gil 600 gil
Gold Needle 300 gil 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss 100 gil
Echo Herbs 100 gil
Mallet 100 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Gysahl Greens 150 gil

Weapons Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Diamond Bell 4,500 gil
Madhura Harp 8,000 gil 10,000 gil
Loki Harp N/A 10,000 gil
Lamia Harp N/A 12,000 gil
Dream Harp N/A 12,000 gil

Armor Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Gaia Vest 4,200 gil 7,600 gil
Bard Vest 5,500 gil
Feathered Hat 8,000 gil 6,000 gil
Rune Bracers 5,000 gil


Item Location
Earthen Drums Hidden east of the waterfall
Earthen Drums Hidden west of the waterfall


Note: Enemies are encountered around Duster.

Musical themes[]

The background music that plays at Duster is called "In the Covert Town".