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First comes Duscae, a region known for its wetlands.

Ignis Scientia

Duscae is a region in Final Fantasy XV. It is one of the early areas of the game, and is featured in the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo. It also appears briefly in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

The region includes vast grassy plains where colossal monsters roam, lakes, forests, and mountainous areas. Large stone arcs are native to the area.


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In the ancient era, a colossal meteorite fell to Eos. According to legend, it broke apart upon being caught by the Astral Titan, who is still said to be holding the remains in the Disc of Cauthess. In modern times known as the Meteor of the Six, its blue flaming spire lights up the landscape. The stone arcs and craters that have become lakes and ponds that characterize Duscae are remnants of the meteorite impact.

Costlemark Tower.

Some Solheimian ruins are found in Duscae, notably the Costlemark Tower. After Solheim's fall and the ascendance of the Founder King to establish the kingdom of Lucis, Duscae became part of the nation, but remains sparsely populated and rural.

In M.E. 725 Niflheim breached the Lucian regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they established new bases. Lucis dispatched soldiers to challenge the empire, but its forces defeated.[1] The war became known as the Great War.

In M.E. 756, the Kingsglaive engage the empire in the outlands of Lucis. The sun sets and the empire deploys a Diamond Weapon upon them, but retreats after demonstrating its superiority to the Lucian forces.

Noctis and and his retinue visit Wiz Chocobo Post.

Soon after, Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum, and Gladiolus Amicitia cross the Duscae region on a road trip to meet with Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. They have a chance to visit Wiz Chocobo Post and learn that the chocobos are scared of a roaming behemoth that is blind in one eye. If they help Wiz Forlane by hunting down the beast, the party can rent chocobos from the stables.

The most notable landmark in the area is the Disc of Cauthess. On their way to Cleigne to meet Iris Amicitia in Lestallum, the party has a chance to stop at the Disc but find it occupied by Niflheim forces. Once in Lestallum Noctis begins to experience headache-inducing visions of the Archaean said to dwell in the Disc, and Chancellor Ardyn Izunia helps him get access to the area. Noctis discovers Lunafreya is rousing the Astrals to help him forge covenants with them, and although Niflheim tries to kill Titan, Noctis makes a pact with the Astral before being taken to safety by Ardyn.

Thunderstorm in Duscae.

The party had to abandon their car, the Regalia, at the Cauthess and it is taken by Niflheim forces to an imperial camp in Duscae. Duscae is shrouded in a perpetual rainstorm as the Astral Ramuh is calling for Noctis to forge a covenant with him. Niflheim blockades Duscae to rein Noctis in, but he and his friends infiltrate the local imperial base and recover the Regalia.

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Coernix Station[]

Coernix Station - Alstor.png

A service station with a shop and a caravan for the party to rest at and a Crow's Nest Diner, a rent-a-bird and a petrol station for refueling the Regalia.

Wiz Chocobo Post[]


At the chocobo post the party can rest, eat, and rent and race chocobos. There is a caravan on the grounds, and the party can buy items from the shop. A woman by the chocobo pens sells special greens as chocobo feed, and also offers to customize the name and color of the party's chocobos. Wiz acts as the post's tipster, who provides information on the surrounding area and tells of available hunts. The player must take on the hunt to vanquish the behemoth Deadeye to unlock the ability to rent chocobos. In addition to hunts, Wiz also offers a series of sidequests to Noctis, all of which are chocobo-related.

Disc of Cauthess[]


There is an ancient meteorite at the center of the crater said to be held by the Astral Titan, and the impact site has glowing crystal formations in the middle. The region's topography is dominated by the impact site, and the crystal still exudes heat. It is the most prominent landmark in the region.

Daurell Caverns[]


Daurell Caverns is an optional dungeon. The recommended level as per the quest there is 28, but the player may want to wait until they are above level 40, as the necromancers that spawn there are tough. There is a fishing spot inside the cavern. The dungeon is found in the south of the Causcherry Plains. The dungeon has pools of poison inside, remains of warfare against Niflheim thirty years prior.



Nebulawood is a dungeon within Duscae where the party can hunt for the Deadeye. It is a labyrinthine wood littered with abandoned structures of an old Lucian armory and soldier training grounds. It is commonly shrouded in a thick fog.

Aracheole Stronghold[]


Niflheim military base led by Caligo Ulldor. Gladiolus calls it a "port-a-fortress", and Ignis calls it the remnants of the Old War, and the imperial army availing itself of the added protection.

Saxham Outpost[]

Saxham Outpost abandoned fields from FFXV.png

Saxham Outpost is an abandoned agricultural settlement in Duscae. Seventeen years ago it was raided by bussemand that killed many of the adults and kidnapped the children. The town and its farm have been abandoned since.

Costlemark Tower[]


Costlemark Tower is an optional dungeon located in the Fallgrove. The dungeon's entrance is magically sealed and will only open at night. Costlemark Tower is a labyrinth of underground ruins. Although remains of large structures remain above-ground, they are all but gone in present day, and what is left is the underground portion. Costlemark was once part of the ancient civilization of Solheim, but now lies in ruin along with its arcane technology.


Ten of the stone arches around Duscae were made climbable in patch 1.06 (the player can use a chocobo or Regalia Type-D); the arches near Daurell Caverns cannot be climbed. Each arch has a treasure on top:

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Various procurement points and mineral deposits are found around Duscae. They replenish around once a day and the player can talk to a tipster and ask about the area to make them refresh.

  • Color stone "ore" and silver/gold/prismatic "shard" grade minerals.

A mineral deposit can give either silver/gold/prismatic type minerals or color stone ingredients. Which specific ones the player gets is random.



A Hurting HeartRescuesReach Chapter 03350 EXP, 900 Gil
All By MyselfRescuesReach Chapter 03350 EXP, 900 Gil
Accursed CuriosityRescuesReach Chapter 03 and complete "All By Myself"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Trembling with FearRescuesReach Chapter 03 and complete the "A Behemoth Undertaking" hunt350 EXP, 900 Gil
Wracked with AnxietyRescuesReach Cape Caem in Chapter 08350 EXP, 900 Gil
The Faint of HeartRescuesReach Cape Caem in Chapter 08 and complete "Wracked with Anxiety"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Down on your LuckRescuesReach Chapter 091,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Weary and WoundedRescuesReach Chapter 09 and complete "A Hurting Heart"1,000 EXP, 2,500 Gil
In Low SpiritsRescuesReach Chapter 09 and complete "All By Myself"350 EXP, 900 Gil
The Verge of DespairRescuesReach Chapter 09 and complete "In Low Spirits"1,000 EXP, 2,500 Gil
New to the RoadBroken CarsReach Chapter 03500 EXP, 1,500 Gil
The Jolly JoyriderBroken CarsReach Chapter 03350 EXP, 900 Gil
Wild Beasts on the Open RoadBroken CarsReach Chapter 03500 EXP, 1,500 Gil
I'm Late!Broken CarsRetrieve the Regalia in Chapter 05 and complete "New to the Road"500 EXP, 1,500 Gil
Shoulda Been ServicedBroken CarsHead to Coernix Station - Lestallum in Chapter 06350 EXP, 900 Gil
That Brand-New Car SmellBroken CarsReach Chapter 06 and complete "Shoulda Been Serviced"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Tune-up, Shmune-upBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "Shoulda Been Serviced"1,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
The Perpetual PassengerBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "The Jolly Joyrider"1,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Through a Rose-Tinted WindshieldBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "The Perpetual Passenger"1,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Hurrying HomeBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield"500 EXP, 1,500 Gil
The Chopping BlockToursCamp in Fallaughns Haven20 AP
Up Close and PersonalToursCamp in Pullmoor Haven20 AP
Final Resting PlainsDaveReach Chapter 03 and complete "Dust to Dust"800 EXP, Elixir x10
A Rocky EndDaveComplete "Final Resting Plains"1,000 EXP, Hi-Elixir x10
Swallowed by ShadowsDaveComplete "A Rocky End"1,200 EXP, Hi-Elixir x10
Everyone Loves BeansTakkaComplete "Emergency Delivery"1,500 EXP, Leiden Pepper x5, Hulldagh Nutmeg x5, Killer Tomato x5
Lestallum's FinestTakkaComplete "Everyone Loves Beans"2,000 EXP, Griffon Breast x2, Saxham Rice x5, Schier Turmeric x5
Emergency DeliveryTakkaReach Chapter 03, complete "Hunters and Gardeners"1,000 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Killer Tomato x5, Saxham Rice x5
A Meat Most MagnificentTakkaComplete "Lestallum's Finest"3,000 EXP, Allural Shallot x5, Kettier Ginger x5, Sizzling Humongo-Steak
A Treasure Beyond MeasureDinoComplete "No Pain, No Gem"3,000 EXP, Emerald Bracelet x1
A Stone-Studded StunnerDinoComplete "The Aspiring Artisan"1,000 EXP, Heliodor Bracelet x1
The Aspiring ArtisanDinoReach Chapter 02500 EXP, Amethyst Bracelet x1
The Ever Gleaming RegaliaCindyComplete "The Ever Elegant Regalia"600 EXP, Fiberglass Coating component
The Professor's ProtégéSaniaReach Chapter 033,000 EXP, Star Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - Yellow FrogsSaniaComplete "The Professor's Protégé"4,000 EXP, Rainbow Pendant x1
The Professor's Protégé - GriffonSaniaComplete "The Professor's Protégé" - Myrlwood Firefly12,000 EXP, Safety Bit x1
The Perfect LandscapeVyvComplete "A Stroll for Two" in Chapter 031,000 EXP, 5,000 Gil
Aftermath of the Astral WarVyvComplete "An Eye for Islands"2,000 EXP, 10,000 Gil
Of Gods and KingsVyvComplete "Aftermath of the Astral War"2,500 EXP, 12,500 Gil
The Pen is Mighter Than the SwordVyvComplete "A Place to Call Home4,000 EXP, 20,000 Gil
Van, InterruptedLestallum MerchantsComplete "A Stroll for Two"2,000 EXP
Van, Interrupted AgainLestallum MerchantsComplete "Van, Interrupted"2,500 EXP, discount applied to all articles sold by Prissock
Ace of CarapaceLestallum MerchantsComplete "A Stroll for Two"1,500 EXP, discount applied to all articles sold by Arms Vendor
Tails SpinLestallum MerchantsComplete "Ace of Carapace"2,500 EXP
Mind the TrapLestallum MerchantsComplete "A Stroll for Two"1,500 EXP, discount applied to all articles sold by Veenon
Wild about OnionsLestallum MerchantsComplete "On the Hunt for a Harvest"2,500 EXP
Vegging OutLestallum MerchantsComplete "Wild about Onions"3,000 EXP, discount applied to all articles sold by Furloch
Power to the PylonsHollyComplete "Steam Valve Inspections"3,000 EXP, 5,000 Gil
Holding Back the DarkHollyComplete "Power to the Pylons"4,000 EXP, 10,000 Gil
Where the Wild Chocobos AreWizComplete "A Behemoth Undertaking"500 EXP, Xelphatol Apple Seeds x1, Doman Plum Pits x1, Mamook Pear Seeds x1
Bird on the BrinkWizComplete "Where the Wild Chocobos Are"1,000 EXP
A Feathery FeastWizComplete "Bird on the Brink"1,500 EXP, Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker
Daurell CavernsDungeonsEnter Daurell Caverns4,000 EXP
Costlemark TowerDungeonsEnter Costlemark Tower15,000 EXP, Sword of the Tall
Legend Wrapped in an EnigmaRandolphComplete "Dreadful Legend"12,000 EXP, Ziedrich
Cursed LegendRandolphComplete "Legend Wrapped in an Enigma"15,000 EXP, Soul Saber


Behind the scenes[]

Concept art.

The overall impression for Duscae started as a desolate wasteland, but environmental concept called for coexisting ecosystems, and thus Duscae features wetlands and vegetation.[2] The area still appears barren in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Duscae region became larger than the developers anticipated. In the original estimates the size of the entire Final Fantasy XV world was potentially even 20 times that of the Duscae region, but when playing through the ever-growing Duscae region, director Hajime Tabata pondered that if the entire world is 20 times the size of that it would take forever to play the game.[3]

Behemoth footprints near Alstor Slough.

In Episode Duscae the party tracked Deadeye through Duscae, one of the clues being footprints in the mud. In the main game, the player doesn't track the Behemoth outside of the Nebulawood, but there are still behemoth's footprints on the mud near Alstor Slough.