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Durandal as seen in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

A holy knight's sword said to have been forged by spirits.

The Durandal (デュランダル, Dyurandaru?), also known as Durend and Twin Durandals, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series, being one of the most powerful swords available.


Final Fantasy X[]

Durandal's sword model

The Durandal is a longsword for Tidus whose he dominant ability is Triple AP. Triple AP can be customized onto a weapon with 50 Wings to Discovery. Triple AP weapons are also dropped by One-Eye.

Final Fantasy XI[]

The Durandal is a high-level sword for Paladins, won as a possible prize from certain KSNM battlefield events.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Durandal in Final Fantasy XII.

In the original version, Durandal is the strongest one-handed sword with an Attack power of 99. Durandal grants the user +5 to Evasion like all swords, and has a combo rate of 5%. Swords are among the slower weapons to use.

The Durandal is known as "Well-forged Blade" in the Bazaar and costs 21,600 gil after selling Lifewick x3, Emperor Scale x2, and Leshach Halcyon x1. Its license, which costs 80 LP, can be found in the mid-right section of weapon license area, next to the Stoneblade.

In the Zodiac versions, it provides 99 Attack, 5 Evade, 32 CT, 5% combo rate, and requires the Swords 9 license for 90 LP. It can be found as a treasure in Cerobi Steppe (The Terraced Bank), dropped by Velelu (1% chance), and uncommonly stolen from Rikken in Trial Mode Stage 86. It can be equipped by the Time Battlemage and Knight classes.

The more powerful version, Simha (Durandal A in International) provides 103 Attack, 15 Evade, 32 CT, 10% combo rate, and requires the Sword 9 license for 90 LP. It is obtained from the Bazaar by selling Ring Wyrm Scale x4, Lifewick x3, and a Leshach Halcyon, and rarely stolen from Rikken in Trial Mode. Neither the Durandal nor Simha are the strongest one-handed sword, being trumped by the Great Trango.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Fabled sword of saintly glory.

Durandal in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

The Durandal is one of Vaan's strongest swords obtained after defeating Gilgamesh. It provides +95 Attack, +45 Magick, and +60 Speed and +15 Strength. It uses a generic sword sprite during battle.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

A symbol of honor, the ceremonial blade is bestowed on soldiers who distinguish themselves in battle.

Durandal in Final Fantasy XIII.

The Durandal is a rank 6 model of a gunblade for Lightning. It is obtained by upgrading a Hauteclaire with a Uraninite, and, while giving great stats, has the ability "Stagger Lock", limiting its use somewhat. It is in the Gestalt synthesis group. At max level is dismantles into Chobham Armor (x18), Cobaltite (x2), and a Hauteclaire.

Level Strength Magic Current Exp. Exp. To Next Level Exp. To ★
19 126 126 52,704 4,524 334,656
20 132 132 57,228 4,692 330,132
21 138 138 61,920 4,860 325,440
22 144 144 66,780 5,028 320,580
23 150 150 71,808 5,196 315,552
24 156 156 77,004 5,364 310,356
25 162 162 82,368 5,532 304,992
26 168 168 87,900 5,700 299,460
27 174 174 93,600 5,868 293,760
28 180 180 99,468 6,036 287,892
29 186 186 105,504 6,204 281,856
30 192 192 111,708 6,372 275,652
31 198 198 118,080 6,540 269,280
32 204 204 124,620 6,708 262,740
33 210 210 131,328 6,876 256,032
34 216 216 138,204 7,044 249,156
35 222 222 145,248 7,212 242,112
36 228 228 152,460 7,380 234,900
37 234 234 159,840 7,548 227,520
38 240 240 167,388 7,716 219,972
39 246 246 175,104 7,884 212,256
40 252 252 182,988 8,052 204,372
41 258 258 191,040 8,220 196,320
42 264 264 199,260 8,388 188,100
43 270 270 207,648 8,556 179,712
44 276 276 216,204 8,724 171,156
45 282 282 224,928 8,892 162,432
46 288 288 233,820 9,060 153,540
47 294 294 242,880 9,228 144,480
48 300 300 252,108 9,396 135,252
49 306 306 261,504 9,564 125,856
50 312 312 271,068 9,732 116,292
51 318 318 280,800 9,900 106,560
52 324 324 290,700 10,068 96,660
53 330 330 300,768 10,236 86,592
54 336 336 311,004 10,404 76,356
55 342 342 321,408 10,572 65,952
56 348 348 331,980 10,740 55,380
57 354 354 342,720 10,908 44,640
58 360 360 353,628 11,076 33,732
59 366 366 364,704 11,244 22,656
60 372 372 375,948 11,412 11,412
378 378 387,360 Trapezohedron 0

Final Fantasy XV[]

Swords2323Max MP: +11
Dark Resistance: 33%
Buy: 10000
Sell: 5000
Find: Costlemark Tower (Map)
Shop: Meldacio Hunter HQ, Ch.14: Hammerhead, Kingsglaive Base Camp (Windows/Royal Edition)
A one-handed sword infused with holy light. It is deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Durandal in Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Durandal can be obtained via Rendezvous in the War of the Lions version. It has an attack power of 26 with a Weapon Defense of 40. It is a Holy-elemental weapon and it adds Protect and Shell on the wearer. In the mobile version it can be purchased for 5 gil at any Poacher after completing the game at least once.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The Twin Durandals are twin rapiers for Machina. They provide 61 Attack Power and double the amount of experience he earns.

In the PSP version, they can be bought from the SPP Post for 20000 SPP after unlocking 1 ticket on the Square Enix Members site or by exchanging 5 tickets on the Square Enix Members site. They sell for 10000 gil. In the HD version, they can be obtained after landing 300 Killsight strikes with Machina. They cost 5000 SPP and sell for 2500 gil.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

Durandal in Final Fantasy Legend III.

Durend has a mystic sword icon before its name. It is one of the four Mystic Swords, being the second weakest, only more powerful than the Mystic Sword Emperor. It deals Mystic-elemental damage, causing double damage against certain bosses and undead enemies. It can even harm enemies who are strong against physical damage.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Durandal is the second best sword providing 105 Attack and 20 Hit Rate. It is effective against dragons. It can be equipped by Jobless, Warrior, Red Mage, Dragoon, Memorist, Paladin, and Dark Knight jobs. It can be picked up after felling Despair.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Crystal Durandal used by manikins in Dissidia 012.

While in his EX Mode, Vaan wields the Durandal for his sword attack. The Durandal is also a level 90 greatsword that provides +64 Attack, -1 Defense, and +7% Physical Damage. It can be obtained by trading 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, and Soldier's Hope x2 in the Labyrinth.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A sword brought from the distant world of Ivalice. The blade is covered in detailed engravings, while the sword as a whole shines dully. It is perhaps most notable for its squared tip. While it is apparently merely a replica of a famous Ivalician holy sword, it boasts a tremendously sharp edge almost on par with the real thing.

Description, FFXII

A large sword once wielded by a great hero. It's [sic] name means the immortal blade. There is a story about a hero who, when on the brink of death, in order for the durandal not to fall in enemy hands slammed it to the floor which actually caused the floor to split open. It is unclear whether or not this anecdote is true, but there is no denying the pin-point sharpness this holy blade boasts.

Description, FFT
Durandal in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Durandal (FFXII) is a sword obtained as the Super Trust Master reward from Seeker of Freedom Vaan. It provides 163 ATK, 30% physical evasion, and increases chance of being targeted by 30%.

Durandal is a Great Sword obtained during the Final Fantasy Tactics event, The Auracite Chosen. It provides 74 ATK and is Light-elemental.

Non-Final Fantasy appearances[]

Blood of Bahamut[]

Durendal is a greatsword that can be equipped by Ibuki.

Bravely series[]

The renowned sword of the legendary hero Roland. Its name means "eternal blade." Of all the weapons Yulyana took from the Orthodoxy, Durandal is said to have been the most perilous, but try as he might to destroy it, he failed to cause so much as a scratch.

Description in Bravely Default

In Bravely Default, Durandal is a sword that provides 50 P.ATK and 90 Aim. It can be found in Dimension's Hasp (B10).

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Durandal is a greatsword that provides 52 P.ATK, 85 Aim, and deals 50% more damage to dragonkind. It can be found in Via Celestio.


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Durendal is a holy sword in The Song of Roland, an old French literary piece. The sword is said to contain within its hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, a hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is said to be able to cut solid boulders in half with a single strike.