A Dungeon is a game element in the Final Fantasy series, where the player is meant to explore and obtain treasure, while defeating enemies along the way. In the end of it, lies a goal: an artifact to be obtained, a boss to be defeated, or even a cutscene to be seen. Only by accomplishing these objects, the story will progress and unfold. Dungeons are usually accessed via World Map, but in some cases, they are accessed via other smaller dungeons, either by passageways or warp devices, or in some rarer cases, the player is instantly taken to a dungeon due to a plot event.

A final dungeon exists in each game: it consists of the area where the final boss resides, waiting to be defeated. Most games also feature secret, optional dungeons, that usually either hold precious treasure inside, or incredibly strong superbosses.


Final Fantasy

Chaos Shrine

The Chaos Shrine: the first dungeon of the series.

In Final Fantasy, each dungeon contains an important artifact and a boss to be defeated, with exception of the first dungeon, the Chaos Shrine, and the Mirage Tower, which is merely a path to the Flying Fortress.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy II

Dreadnought II

The Dreadnought

Like the previous game, almost every dungeon has a boss or/and a key item to be obtained, otherwise, a mere cutscene must be seen. This game was the first to feature points-of-no return. Due to a the existence of a solid storyline, some major plot events occur in dungeons.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy III

Temple of Time

The Temple of Time

Final Fantasy III follows the series' consistency, having one boss per dungeon. This game featured optional dungeons for the first time, as well as cutscenes in each of them.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy IV


The Lunar Ruins

Party members often leave and join the party inside dungeons in Final Fantasy IV.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy V

Drakenvale Dragon Grass

The Drakenvale

By the time of Final Fantasy V, plot events were more common at the end of dungeons than properly the acquisition of key items.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VI


The Cultists' Tower

In Final Fantasy VI many dungeons reward the player with a playable character, and in rare cases, Magicite. For this reason, most dungeons are actually optional. The use of dungeons for paths can also be seen in this installment.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VII

File:Cave of the Gi.jpg

In Final Fantasy VII most dungeons appear as only a passage, and if otherwise, they're most probably optional. Items are rarely obtained in dungeons anymore.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VIII


The Tomb of the Unknown King

Final Fantasy VIII has a ridiculous small amount of locations in comparison to earlier installments, so dungeons either end in plot events or are entirely optional. A lot of these are points of no return as well.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy IX

Iifa Tree Depths

The Iifa Tree

Final Fantasy IX has many dungeons in comparison to its predecessor, and somewhat rewinds to a pattern similar to Final Fantasy V.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X hasn't many dungeons due to the fact that the world map has been abolished. However, examples of dungeons are the Cave of the Stolen Fayth and the Omega Ruins, both optional.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI, though there's no traditional world map, has a large amount of dungeon areas. These areas are distinguished by the fact enemies respawn more slowly, and chocobos will not enter them. Almost all of these are at one point used in a mission or quest:

Original dungeons

Rise of the Zilart

Chains of Promathia

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Wings of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XII

Zalera found

The Barheim Passage

Final Fantasy XII has completely abolished the idea of a world map as well, but dungeons can be distinguished by areas that cannot be accessed via the Strahl.

List of dungeons:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Revenant Wings is a strategy game, and cannot be considered to have many dungeons, since, like in the Tactics subseries of the Ivalice Alliance, gameplay is restricted to battles. In the other hand, the Well of Whispered Oaths has several enemies, treasure and floors, and thus, can be considered a legitimate dungeon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics has no dungeons of the traditional sense, as gameplay is limited to battles and the World Map. However, one location, Midlight's Deep, is said to be a large dungeon. In order to reach all ten levels of this optional location, the player must find the exit on each level mid-battle. At the bottom level is the game's lone Superboss.

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