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Duncan's Cabin is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It is a small house located near South Figaro in the World of Balance, and is the dojo of the martial arts master Duncan Harcourt.

The party can visit it on the way to Mt. Kolts, and Edgar recognizes some of the furnishing of the home as evidence that Sabin lives here. Upon leaving, a man warns them that Duncan has been killed by his son and pupil Vargas, and both Vargas and Sabin are now missing. The party can sleep in the cabin freely if they need to rest. The cabin is not vital to the storyline, and the player can choose to skip it entirely if they wish.

In the World of Ruin, the cabin still exists, but its location is not immediately obvious. It is located north-east of Narshe, at a place where five trees on the world map form a "+" shape. Duncan has returned to the cabin and continues to train. If the party visits with Sabin in the party, Duncan will teach Sabin his ultimate Blitz technique, Phantom Rush.

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