The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

Dummy unnamed2 is an unnamed dummied enemy in Final Fantasy VI that can be found hidden within the monster data, but doesn't appear in any enemy formations. It uses the Guard sprite probably because it is the first sprite in the enemy list and the sprite wasn't changed. The enemy's stats and AI script are simple.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

This monster cannot be fought without hacking it into one of the available formations. The battle would have been an ordinary one in which the enemy would have used its first strike ability to attack once and be easily dealt with, since the monster only has 1 HP.

AI script[edit | edit source]

1st Turn: Attack (100%)
End first wave of attack

Related enemies[edit | edit source]

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