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Duel Colosseum

The Duel Colosseum screen.

The Duel Colosseum is a gameplay mode in the original Dissidia Final Fantasy. It is unlocked by completing Shade Impulse. Duel Colosseum pits players against an endless string of opponents chosen at random, rewarding them with medals in between fights which players can spend on rare items and trade accessories. Numerous rare trade accessories and equipment pieces can only be acquired by participating on the various courses, making Colosseum play practically a requirement if the player wishes to acquire better items.

It is succeeded by the Labyrinth mode in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.


Once the player chooses their character, they must select one of the Colosseum courses. The Airship and Falcon courses are available from the beginning, while the Invincible and Lunar Whale courses must be bought from the PP Catalog. The Blackjack course is only available for purchase after completing Inward Chaos.

  • Airship Course - Level 1-30
  • Falcon Course - Level 31-60
  • Invincible Course - Level 61-90
  • Lunar Whale Course - Level 91-120
  • Blackjack Course - Level 100-150

The courses are named after names for airships from the series.

After the course is chosen, the Colosseum screen will load. The player can suspend their progress at any time by choosing "Exit" on this screen. When the player quits, they receive PP proportionate to the number of medals they had at the time they quit, and are given a tally of all items they purchased in the Colosseum. The player is also given their score for that run.

Colosseum screenEdit

On the Colosseum screen, the player is shown the following data:

  • Wins, Points, and Match - Displayed in the upper-right corner. Wins refers to how many opponents the player has defeated during their current Colosseum run, while Points refers to the score the player has earned fighting—points only applies to certain Accomplishments and otherwise is just a high score function. More points are given for defeating stronger opponents. The Match # displays the total number of opponents fought.
  • Character Stats - Displays in the upper-left corner. Shows the player's chosen character, how full their EX Gauge is, how much HP they have, and their level.
  • Card Luck - Card Luck is displayed next to the stats for the character. Card luck can increase up to five stars, with higher luck generally increasing the chances of better cards appearing—rarer Treasure Cards, Enemy Cards worth more medals, and Secret Cards, are more likely to appear with higher card luck. Card luck increases by fighting enemies or with certain Job Cards.
  • Card Data - shown above the hand. When an Enemy Card is highlighted, displays the enemy's name, level, the arena they are fought in, their strength level, Rules, and how many medals will be won or lost depending on if the player defeats them or not. When a Treasure Card is highlighted, displays the item's name, its description, how many of the item the player has, and its cost. When a Job Card is highlighted, displays the card's name and effects.
  • Hand - Shown along in the lower-left. The current cards in the player's hand are displayed on a blue background. When a card is used normally, all other cards currently in the hand are discarded and new cards replace them from the right. The player can only see the back of the cards not in their hand, which only identify them as a Treasure, Enemy or Job card - the exact stats of cards coming up are not shown until the cards are in the hand.
  • Job Cards - Shown on the right side of the screen. The three Job Cards the player currently has. Highlighted Job Cards are those with ongoing effects, shaded Job Cards are those that only function when first used.


Cards are chosen from the hand and have various effects. Cards are divided into Enemy Cards, Treasure Cards, and Job Cards. When the player chooses to fight an Enemy Card, they battle that enemy in the shown arena. If the player is victorious, they win an amount of medals, the other cards in the hand are discarded, and new cards cycle into the hand.

The player may choose to spend medals on Treasure Cards in-between fights, or to select any Job Cards in the hand. When the player loses a battle, assuming they do not have a Knight Card in play, they lose a number of medals and the hand area decreases by one. If the player thus loses too many times, the hand area vanishes entirely and the player must quit the Colosseum.

Enemy CardsEdit

D012 Boss Card
D012 Chaos Card

Selecting an Enemy Card will pit the player against the shown enemy. The amount of medals won or lost increases according to the strength of the Enemy Card. There are three subsets of Enemy Card: Boss Cards are gold in color and always have high strength and reward many medals. However, Boss Cards are not discarded from the hand when another card is played and will remain in the hand until fought.

Secret Cards are enemy cards with the highest possible strength, and do not award a predetermined number of medals - defeating them will double the player's medals, while losing to them halves the player's medals. Finally, Chaos Cards are red and pit the player against Chaos at the highest level of the selected course, with the exception of the Lunar Whale Course at 100 and the Blackjack Course at 130. Like Boss cards, Chaos Cards are not discarded from the hand. Chaos Cards are worth 50 medals by default.

Treasure CardsEdit

D012 Treasure Card

Treasure Cards offer players unique items or equipment at the cost of some of their medals. The items offered on each course vary depending on the course selected, with the exception of a handful of items that appear on all courses. In addition to acquiring rare trade accessories first-hand, the player can win Elixir-type trade accessories which can then be traded for other accessories in the Shop. Each course also has a custom equipment set that can be won.

Airship CourseEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Frying Pan Weapon 17 Kitchen Timer Hand Armor 8
Toque Blanche Head Armor 17 Iron Apron Body Armor 13
Mythril Trade Accessory 11 Gold Trade Accessory 11
White Stone Trade Accessory 18 Black Stone Trade Accessory 22
Spirit Stone Trade Accessory 27 Beast Bone Trade Accessory 18
Unknown's Bone Trade Accessory 22 Gigas Bone Trade Accessory 27
Large Horn Trade Accessory 13 Summoner's Horn Trade Accessory 22
Wyvern Horn Trade Accessory 27 Large Fang Trade Accessory 13
Black Tiger Fang Trade Accessory 22 Great Serpent's Fang Trade Accessory 27
Quality Branch Trade Accessory 13 Splinter Trade Accessory 18
Lumber Trade Accessory 22 Thorny Lumber Trade Accessory 27
Iron Carapace Trade Accessory 13 Charger Barding Trade Accessory 18
Great Serpentskin Trade Accessory 27 Aquamarine Trade Accessory 13
Emerald Trade Accessory 18 Moonstone Trade Accessory 22
Ruby Trade Accessory 27 Ichthon Scales Trade Accessory 13
Yensa Scales Trade Accessory 18 Lamia Scales Trade Accessory 22
Bird Feather Trade Accessory 13 Giant Feather Trade Accessory 27
Geranium Trade Accessory 8 Rosemary Trade Accessory 8
Bergamot Trade Accessory 8 Chamomile Trade Accessory 8
Clary Sage Trade Accessory 8 Ylang Ylang Trade Accessory 8
Tea Tree Trade Accessory 8 Eucalyptus Trade Accessory 8
Lemongrass Trade Accessory 8 Dusty Elixir Trade Accessory 18

Falcon CourseEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Nail Bat Weapon 17 Skull Wristlet Hand Armor 17
Spirit Band Head Armor 8 Bomber Jacket Body Armor 13
Rubicante's Cowl Head Armor 10 Cagnazzo's Carapace Body Armor 10
Gold Trade Accessory 11 Diamond Trade Accessory 11
Crystal Trade Accessory 11 Mako Stone Trade Accessory 8
Levistone Trade Accessory 18 Dewdrop Pebble Trade Accessory 22
Stone of the Condemner Trade Accessory 27 Nue Bone Trade Accessory 8
Ancient Bone Trade Accessory 18 Shadow Bone Trade Accessory 22
Wargod Bone Trade Accessory 27 Taurus Horn Trade Accessory 8
Lizard Horn Trade Accessory 18 Humbaba's Horn Trade Accessory 22
Ixion Horn Trade Accessory 27 Chimera Fang Trade Accessory 8
Throat Wolf Fang Trade Accessory 18 Mammoth Tusk Trade Accessory 22
Quality Lumber Trade Accessory 8 Mistletoe Trade Accessory 18
Big Tree Trade Accessory 22 Spiritwood Trade Accessory 27
Wormskin Trade Accessory 8 Destrier Barding Trade Accessory 18
Giant Turtleshell Trade Accessory 27 Peridot Trade Accessory 8
Sapphire Trade Accessory 18 Opal Trade Accessory 22
Topaz Trade Accessory 27 Landshark Scales Trade Accessory 8
Leviathan Scales Trade Accessory 18 Emperor Scales Trade Accessory 22
Godfighter Scales Trade Accessory 27 Demon Feather Trade Accessory 8
Fallen Angel Feather Trade Accessory 18 Royal Wing Trade Accessory 22
Diablos's Wing Trade Accessory 27 Elixir Trade Accessory 18

Invincible CourseEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Impartisan Weapon 17 Tortoise Shield Hand Armor 17
Saucer Head Armor 8 Reed Cloak Body Armor 13
Crystal Trade Accessory 11 Wyrmstone Trade Accessory 13
Blessed Gem Trade Accessory 22 Goddess's Magicite Trade Accessory 27
Land Dragon Bone Trade Accessory 13 Saint's Bone Trade Accessory 22
Blood-Darkened Bone Trade Accessory 27 Wind Drake Horn Trade Accessory 13
Unicorn Horn Trade Accessory 22 Beastlord Horn Trade Accessory 27
Holy Fang Trade Accessory 22 Beastlord Fang Trade Accessory 27
Dragonwood Trade Accessory 13 Revival Tree Trade Accessory 27
Wyrm Carapace Trade Accessory 13 Blessed Barding Trade Accessory 22
Aged Turtle Shell Trade Accessory 27 Dragonstone Trade Accessory 13
Holystone Trade Accessory 22 Lapis Lazuli Trade Accessory 27
Sea Serpent Scales Trade Accessory 13 Sacred Beast Scales Trade Accessory 22
Djinn Scales Trade Accessory 27 Wyvern Wing Trade Accessory 13
Sacred Beast Wing Trade Accessory 22 Garuda's Wing Trade Accessory 27
Hi-Elixir Trade Accessory 18

Lunar Whale CourseEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Chaplet Head Armor 13 Blue Moon Hand Armor 17
Lunate Armlet Hand Armor 17 Snowflake Sweater Body Armor 8
Pink Tail Trade Accessory 56 Supreme Gem Trade Accessory 18
Hero's Bone Trade Accessory 18 Behemoth Horn Trade Accessory 18
Maduin's Fang Trade Accessory 18 Iifa Tree Trade Accessory 18
Ancient Turtle Shell Trade Accessory 18 Sky Jewel Trade Accessory 18
Eden's Scales Trade Accessory 18 Bahamut's Wing Trade Accessory 18
Tome of Souls Trade Accessory 13 Tome of Love Trade Accessory 13
Tome of Kings Trade Accessory 13 Tome of Shadows Trade Accessory 13
Tome of Mysteries Trade Accessory 13 Tome of Memories Trade Accessory 13
Tome of Lies Trade Accessory 13 Tome of the Farplane Trade Accessory 13
Tome of Men Trade Accessory 13 Tome of Silence Trade Accessory 13
Tome of the Orator Trade Accessory 13 Tome of the Masters Trade Accessory 13
Guiding Light Trade Accessory 27 Wheel of Darkness Trade Accessory 27
The Youth's Dream Trade Accessory 27 Lust for Power Trade Accessory 27
Onion Trade Accessory 27 Roaming Clouds Trade Accessory 27
Twin Form Trade Accessory 27 Lone Heart Trade Accessory 27
Splendor of the Wind Trade Accessory 27 Power of the Void Trade Accessory 27
Veiled Magic Trade Accessory 27 Fanatic's Leer Trade Accessory 27
True Past Trade Accessory 27 Life of the Planet Trade Accessory 27
Unshelled Bullet Trade Accessory 27 Gears of Time Trade Accessory 27
Theater Ticket Trade Accessory 27 God of Destruction Trade Accessory 27
Fayth's Dream Trade Accessory 27 Medal of Honor Trade Accessory 27
Boiling Blood Trade Accessory 27 Gates of Judgement Trade Accessory 27
Megalixir Trade Accessory 18

Blackjack CourseEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Phoenix Down Special Accessory 3 Phoenix Pinion Special Accessory 3
Valor Resin Special Accessory 3 Arcane Resin Special Accessory 3
Destruction Resin Special Accessory 3 Patience Resin Special Accessory 3
Life Resin Special Accessory 3 Mystery Resin Special Accessory 3
Rosetta Stone Trade Accessory 30

All coursesEdit

Treasure Type Cost Treasure Type Cost
Wind Stone Trade Accessory 21 Water Stone Trade Accessory 28
Lifestone Trade Accessory 35 Transmogridust Trade Accessory 3
Pebble Trade Accessory 15

Job CardsEdit

Job Cards give special effects that affect what cards appear in the hand. Some are one-time uses, others remain in effect until discarded. Job Cards automatically cycle out of play when the player already has three in play - the Job Card on the left will be removed to make way for the next card. A subset of Job Cards are the Status Cards, which negatively effect the player as long as they remain in play. Like normal Job Cards they can also be cycled out of play to negate their effects. Some Job Cards have their effects stack, while others do not.

Card Name Type Type Effect
Knight Job D012 Knight Card Increases card selection area by one. Can be stacked. Ongoing. Effect ends when the player loses a battle. If the player has multiple Knight cards in play, only one will be negated.
Thief Job D012 Thief Card Increases the chances of Treasure Cards appearing. Can be stacked. Ongoing.
Monk Job D012 Monk Card Causes the next Enemy Cards that arrive in the selection area to become weaker. One use.
White Mage Job D012 White Mage Card Fully heals a character's HP after a battle and when initially used. Ongoing.
Black Mage Job D012 Black Mage Card Increases the chances of Secret Cards appearing. Can be stacked. Ongoing.
Red Mage Job D012 Red Mage Card Causes the cards in the selection area to not be discarded after already choosing a card. Also allows all Treasure Cards to be taken free of cost. Ongoing.
Blue Mage Job D012 Blue Mage Card Increases the chances of Job Cards appearing. Can be stacked. Ongoing.
Mystic Knight Job D012 Mystic Knight Card Card Luck rises faster. Can be stacked. Ongoing.
Ninja Job D012 Ninja Card Prevents the loss of medals and Card Luck upon losing a battle. Ongoing.
Ranger Job D012 Ranger Card Causes Enemy Cards to hold five more medals as a reward for defeating them. Can be stacked. Ongoing.
Samurai Job D012 Samurai Card Discards all Boss Cards and Chaos Cards in the hand. One use.
Dragoon Job D012 Dragoon Card Discards all cards from the selection area and draws a new card. The first card in the new hand becomes a Dragoon Card regardless of its type. One use.
Time Mage Job D012 Time Mage Card Increases Card Luck to five stars. Ongoing.
Chemist Job D012 Chemist Card Nullifies Status Card effects and prevents Status Cards from appearing in the hand. Ongoing.
Summoner Job D012 Summoner Card Causes the next cards drawn to contain only Treasure and Job Cards. One use.
Mime Job D012 Mime Card Transforms into a random Job Card once chosen. One use.
Toad Status D012 Toad Card Prevents Treasure Cards from appearing. Ongoing.
Mini Status D012 Mini Card Prevents the character's HP from restoring after battle. Ongoing.
Imp Status D012 Imp Card Cancels the effects of all Job Cards. Ongoing.
Pig Status D012 Pig Card Reduces the player's medals by half. One use.


A colosseum or coliseum is a large stadium or theater, used for entertainments, sports, etc. The term is from Medieval Latin, from Colosseum, from neuter of colosseus ("gigantic"), from Ancient Greek κολοσσιαῖος (kolossiaîos), from κολοσσός (kolossós, "giant statue").

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