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Duane and Katarin are both sixteen. Ah, what a magical age! The springtime of love...

Mobliz villager

Duane and Katarin are non-player characters in Final Fantasy VI. They are two lovestruck teenagers who live in Mobliz. In the World of Ruin, they are the oldest citizens left in the the town, and symbolize the game's central theme: the continuance of love and life in a dying world.



Duane is a brown-haired man who wears a white shirt and red vest over it, blue pants, and brown shoes. Katarin has a long light brown hair held in a long braid tied with a green ribbon. She wears a blue dress with a white apron.


Duane is hot-tempered and outspoken, but his love for Katarin cools him down when he realizes he's upset her. Katarin is soft-spoken and caring, and the voice of reason. In the World of Ruin they are both protective of the village and its children, and have had to grow up and become adults with no one older around to watch over the kids.


Duane and Katarin in the World of Balance.

Duane and Katarin were a pair of lovesick teenagers and a subject of gossip in Mobliz. They spent their time in back of the town staring into each other's eyes, not even acknowledging the party when spoken to.

During the cataclysm, Kefka attacked Mobliz with his Light of Judgment. The town is mostly destroyed and the adults perished trying to protect their children. In the village of orphans that survived, Duane and Katarin were the eldest. Eventually Terra found the town and settled into caring for the kids and defending them from Humbaba. The younger children came to see Terra as their mother and Duane and Katarin as older siblings.

When Celes and Sabin came to Mobliz, they tried to talk Terra into coming with them to fight Kefka, but she refused. Duane grew angry at the idea and yelled they couldn't take Terra, and ran off when Katarin approached him. Katarin explained that Terra was the only thing keeping the village together, and they didn't know what they would do if she left.

Katarin became pregnant but when she told Duane he became cold and the two argued. Katarin hid away from the rest of the village in the basement of a different building, with Terra taking care of her. When Terra's friends came to see her again, Duane apologized to Katarin and asked her to take him back. Humbaba attacked the village and Terra transformed into her esper form to help her friends fight him. Realizing she loved the children and wanted to fight to make the world a better place for them, Terra departed with her comrades, entrusting the village to Duane and Katarin. Katarin was bedridden as her pregnancy progressed.

Katarin's newborn child.

As the party defeated Kefka and fled Kefka's Tower, Katarin went into labor. Terra called out to her to encourage her as she gave birth, and Duane was called into the room with the other children gathered around her, and held their newborn child.

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Other appearances[]

In the Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Duane is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage Job.

Behind the scenes[]

The ending scene of Katarin giving birth was very important to Hironobu Sakaguchi, as he had just had a child himself and feels there is nothing more moving in life.[1]

Katarin uses a unique sprite, while Duane uses the generic male NPC sprite. This is due to a unique animation Katarin has where she turns her head away when Duane approaches her, an animation that other NPC sprites do not have.