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Duane and Katarin are both sixteen. Ah, what a magical age! The springtime of love...

Mobliz villager

Duane and Katarin are non-player characters in Final Fantasy VI. They are two teenagers who live in Mobliz.


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FFVI PC Duane and Katarin WoB

Duane and Katarin in the World of Balance.

Duane and Katarin are lovesick teenagers from Mobliz. In the World of Balance, they fall in love, and will not say a word to the party. In the World of Ruin, they are the oldest survivors when Kefka attacks Mobliz with his Light of Judgment.

FFVI Android Katarin's Newborn Child

Katarin's newborn child.

Terra stays in Mobliz begins to take care of the younger children. About this time, Katarin becomes pregnant, and does not know what to do, but Terra helps her. When Terra rejoins the party after the defeat of Humbaba, Duane and Katarin resolve their differences. After Kefka has been felled, Katarin gives birth.

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