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Monster Mutation!? Dangerous Dualhorns! Something strange is happening to the beasts!

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Dualhorn is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Leide as regular enemies and during Hunts. A mutated version called the bloodhorn is the game's first boss.

A Lv.24 dualhorn also appears in the Leide League and All-Star Monster Mayhem of the Totomostro. Its team name is Crazy Horns. A team of two of Lv.14 dualhorns also appears under the name Horrendous Horns.


Alpha (female)
A large, two-horned herbivore commonly found throughout Leide. Using their sturdy legs to support them, they charge at enemies with their entire body weight. Their rough, armor-like skin protects them from both hunters and the heat.
Size: 15.19 ft. Weight: 3.72 t
Beta (female)
A female dualhorn that migrates with a grandhorn. She is extremely territorial and will attack anyone who ventures too close. This unusual aggressiveness stems from a desire to protect the grandhorn.
Size: 15.35 ft. Weight: 3.97 t
Alpha (male)
A large, two-horned herbivore commonly found throughout Leide. The male is bearded and considerably bigger than its female counterpart. Its horns are also larger and denser, making them more suitable for attacking.
Size: 20.93 ft. Weight: 13.24 t
Beta (male)
A male dualhorn spotted near Scotham Clough. He will venture far from his typical habitat in order to expand his territory. Upon entering a new area, the male often grows extremely wary and will lash out at those he feels could pose a threat.
Size: 21.12 ft. Weight: 13.95 t


Beast over BrawnLongwythe Rest Area3
Red Hunt Icon
Grandhorn x2, Dualhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)274,010 gil, Megalixir★★
Horned Hunting HazardsTaelpar Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Dualhorn x3Secullam Pass (All Times)233,480 gil, Megalixir★★


Level 12 Enemy

Level 12 Hunt

Level 23 Enemy

Level 23 Hunt


Dualhorns are weak to shields, polearms and fire. Their horns can be broken off. They charge wildly at the party, and can knock the player in the air.


When launched in the air, the player can press the warp button when prompted to mitigate fall damage and to get back to their feet faster. It is best try to avoid charge by getting out of their way. The player can get behind them to trigger blindside damage and blindside-strikes. Locking onto the horn and warp-striking from a distance is a good way to break it off.


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