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[[File:FFIV TAY iOS Dualcast.png|thumb|right|250px|Leonora with Dualcast in the smartphone port of ''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]''.]]
{{Q|Casts equipped magic twice in succession.|Description, ''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions]]''.}}
'''Dualcast''' {{j|連続魔|Renzokuma}}, also known as '''X-Magic''', '''Redx2''', '''W-Magic''' {{j|Wまほう|W Mahō}}, '''Doublecast''', and '''Double''' {{j|ダブル|Daburu}}, is a recurring ability which allows a character to [[Magic (Command)|cast]] two spells in one turn.
{{See Also|Fast Talker}}
===''[[Final Fantasy IV]]''===
Dualcast is an [[Augment (Final Fantasy IV)|augment ability]] in the [[Nintendo DS]] version. It is obtained by speaking with the [[Mysidia (Final Fantasy IV)|Mysidian]] Elder if the player gave three augment abilities to [[Palom]] and [[Porom]] before they leave the [[party]], with each twin having at least one ability each. Dualcast is compatible with [[Black Magic|Black]] and [[White Magic]], but not with [[List of Summons|Summon Magic]].
====''[[Final Fantasy IV: The After Years]]''====
The ability Dualcast can be extracted from the [[Dark Crystal (Term)|Dark Crystal]] on the 15th floor of the [[Depths]]. The ability is acquired by defeating the optional boss [[Deathgaze (The After Years)|Deathgaze]], and can only be learned by Palom, Porom, or [[Leonora]]. Dualcast's [[Charge Time]] equals the average × 1.2 magic of both spells. In the iOS version, the ability is extracted from the Dark Crystal which is extracted from [[Lunar Dragon (The After Years)|Lunar Dragon]] instead.
===''[[Final Fantasy V]]''===
Dualcast is the [[Red Mage (Final Fantasy V)|Red Mage]]'s level 4 ability. Dualcast notably works with all types of magic, except [[Blue Magic (Final Fantasy V)|Blue Magic]] and [[Dark Arts (Final Fantasy V)|Dark Arts]]. However, these magic types must still be equipped to be used with Dualcast. Because it is a form of Red Magic, Dualcast on its own gives access to the first three levels of [[White Magic (Final Fantasy V)|White]] and [[Black Magic (Final Fantasy V)|Black]] magic spells without the character having any other magic types equipped.
It is also one of two abilities that costs 999 ABP to learn, the other being [[Mimic (Ability)|Mimic]]. The only drawback is that, to cast, for example, one [[Time Magic (Final Fantasy V)|Time Magic]] spell and one [[Summoner (Final Fantasy V)|Summon]], the character must be in the [[Mime (Final Fantasy V)|Mime]] job, sacrificing [[Attack (Command)#Final Fantasy V|Attack]] and [[Item]]s commands. Of note, Dualcast will give the character base Freelancer Magic +8.
Dualcast is affected by the "[[Mix and X-Magic Glitch]]".
===''[[Final Fantasy VI]]''===
Dualcast, also known as X-Magic, can be used if a character is equipped with the [[Soul of Thamasa]] [[Relic (Final Fantasy VI)|relic]]. The only drawback is that the character cannot [[Summon (Command)|summon]] the [[Esper (Final Fantasy VI)|esper]] he or she currently has equipped.
===''[[Final Fantasy VII]]''===
The [[Command Materia#W-Magic|W-Magic Materia]] allows a character to cast two spells in one turn. The somewhat similar [[Quadra Magic]] lets the linked [[Magic Materia|Magic]] or [[Summon Materia]] be cast four times for the cost of one casting.
====''[[Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-]]''====
Dualcast is a [[Support Materia#Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-|Support Materia]] [[Zack Fair]] can either [[Shop (Crisis Core)|buy]] from the Network Shop Shade or find in a [[Treasure Chest (Object)|chest]] during [[Missions (Crisis Core)|mission]] 9-4-1. When any Magic Materia is used while Dualcast is equipped, it is cast twice in succession.
===''[[Final Fantasy VIII]]''===
Double {{j|ダブル|Daburu}} and Triple {{j|トリプル|Toripuru}} are spells usable by the player, and by some enemies. The Double spell inflicts the [[Status Effect|status effect]] of the same name, while Triple inflicts the Triple status. Unlike other positive statuses in the game, Double and Triple have no time limit and last till the end of the battle once inflicted.
When under Double or Triple status, a character may cast a [[Magic (Final Fantasy VIII)|spell]] two or three times at once, at the cost of expending more spells from their stock than normal. [[Cerberus (Final Fantasy VIII Boss)|Cerberus]] casts both on the party when summoned. Some [[Guardian Force]]s have the abilities [[Expend]] x2-1 or Expend x3-1 that only removes one spell from the caster's stock when Double or Triple are used.
Double is a fairly common spell in the early stage of the game, but it can be [[draw]]n from very few normal enemies. Casting Double in battle increases [[Guardian Force#Charge Time and Compatibility|compatibility]] with [[Carbuncle (Summon)#Final Fantasy VIII|Carbuncle]] by 1 and with Cerberus by 0.8, but lowers compatibility with [[Eden (Summon)|Eden]] by 0.2.
{{FFVIII Spell
| Name = Double
| Draw = Level 1-100: [[Cerberus (Final Fantasy VIII Boss)|Cerberus]], [[Edea (Boss)|Edea]]{{foot|First encounter}}, [[Elnoyle]], [[Elvoret (Final Fantasy VIII)|Elvoret]], [[Gerogero]], [[Grendel (Final Fantasy VIII)|Grendel]], [[Minotaur (Final Fantasy VIII)|Minotaur]], [[Odin (Final Fantasy VIII Boss)|Odin]], [[Sorceress (Final Fantasy VIII Enemy)|Sorceress]]
| Draw Points = [[Galbadia Garden]] Auditorium (hidden), [[Esthar City]] Dr. Odine's laboratory in Laguna flashback (never refills)
| Refine = Time Mag-RF: 1 Dragon Fin refines into 20 Doubles
| HP = +2
| Str = +0.15
| Vit = +0.06
| Mag = +0.18
| Spr = +0.06
| Spd = +0.10
| Eva = +0.03
| Hit = +0.40%
| Luk = +0.02
| Elem-Atk = no effect
| Elem-Def = no effect
| ST-Atk = no effect
| ST-Def = no effect
Triple is one of the rarest spells in the game and can only be drawn from bosses, a few draw points and the Islands of Heaven/Hell. It is one of the most powerful [[Junction System|junctioning]] spells in the game, second only to [[Ultima (Ability)|Ultima]]. The [[Quistis Trepe#Triple Triad|Quistis]] and [[Irvine Kinneas#Triple Triad|Irvine]] cards can be converted into [[List of Final Fantasy VIII Items#Samantha Soul|Samantha Souls]] and [[List of Final Fantasy VIII Items#Rocket Engine|Rocket Engines]], respectively, and then into Triple spells; these cards, along with any other unique card other than [[PuPu (Final Fantasy VIII)|PuPu]] can be won back from the 'CC' [[Card Club]] group during Disc 4.
Casting Triple in battle increases [[Guardian Force#Charge Time and Compatibility|compatibility]] with Cerberus by 2 and with Carbuncle by 1, but lowers compatibility with Eden by 0.2.
{{FFVIII Spell
| Name = Triple
| Draw = Level 1-100: [[Odin (Final Fantasy VIII Boss)|Odin]]<br/>Level 20-100: [[Cerberus (Final Fantasy VIII Boss)|Cerberus]]
| Draw Points = [[Deep Sea Research Center]] (hidden), [[Edea's Orphanage]] beach after [[Time Compression]] (never refills), [[Ultimecia Castle]] Clock Tower (where Tiamat is fought, hidden), [[Island Closest to Heaven]], [[Island Closest to Hell]]
| Refine = Time Mag-RF: 1 Rocket Engine refines into 50 Triples; 1 Samantha Soul refines into 60 Triples; 1 Three Stars refines into 100 Triples<br/>High Mag-RF: 10 Doubles refine into 1 Triple
| HP = +24
| Str = +0.70
| Vit = +0.10
| Mag = +0.70
| Spr = +0.10
| Spd = +0.70
| Eva = +0.16
| Hit = +1.50%
| Luk = +0.30
| Elem-Atk = no effect
| Elem-Def = no effect
| ST-Atk = no effect
| ST-Def = no effect
===''[[Final Fantasy IX]]''===
[[Vivi Ornitier|Vivi's]] [[Trance (Final Fantasy IX)|Trance]] ability is Dbl Blk, letting him take two rapid turns to cast two [[Blk Mag (Final Fantasy IX)|Blk Mag]] spells. [[Eiko Carol|Eiko's]] Trance is Dbl Wht, allowing her to similarly cast two [[Wht Mag (Final Fantasy IX)|Wht Mag]] spells. Occasionally, enemies can take turns in between the first and second cast.
===''[[Final Fantasy X]]''===
Doublecast is a [[Special (Final Fantasy X)|Special]] ability that allows a character to cast two [[Blk Magic (Final Fantasy X)|Black Magic]] spells in a row. It is located in [[Lulu]]'s section of the [[Sphere Grid]], but several locks must be passed first.
Lulu's [[Overdrive (Final Fantasy X)|Overdrive]], Fury, allows several successive spells of one type to be cast. [[Seymour Guado#Battle|Seymour Guado]] has the ability to double-cast or quadruple-cast the same [[Element (Term)|elemental]] spell in certain [[Battle (Term)|battles]] against him.
===''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''===
Chain Magick is an [[List of Final Fantasy XII Enemy Abilities#C|enemy-exclusive ability]]. Upon casting it will grant the user zero [[Charge Time]] of any subsequent spell casting. However, one must wait for the action animation ends before proceeding the next action, this can be further prolonged when the [[Effect Capacity]] is saturated.
===''[[Final Fantasy XIII]]''===
Dualcasting is a [[Paradigm]] consisting of two [[Ravager (Final Fantasy XIII)|Ravagers]]. Also, the [[List of Final Fantasy XIII Enemy Abilities#Multicast|Multicast]] enemy ability, which allows the user to cast two spells at once, is used by [[Vetala]] and [[Raktavija]].
====''[[Final Fantasy XIII-2]]''====
Dualcasting returns as a paradigm consisting of two [[Ravager (Final Fantasy XIII-2)|Ravagers]]. The [[List of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy Abilities#Multicast|Multicast]] enemy ability is used by [[Ispusteke]], with similar effects in the sequel.
===''[[Final Fantasy XIV]]''===
Both Double and Triple appear in ''Final Fantasy XIV'' as enemy abilities used by [[Nabriales]]. When used, the abilities will bestow Double and Triple statuses to the Nabriales, which will allow him to cast his Spark spell two or three times.
===''[[Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]]''===
Doublecast is learned by [[Red Mage (Tactics Advance)|Red Mages]] via the [[List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Weapons#Rapiers|Madu]]. When used, it allows the unit to cast two spells from both of the A-Ability sets if possible. Doublecast works with White, Black, Summon, Spirit Magic, as well as certain Corner abilities. Doublecast can also be used to avoid some elemental, skillset, and Dmg2 laws because Doublecast is seen by the game as a non-aggressive, non-elemental, Red Magic ability. It is also one of few abilities in ''Final Fantasy Tactics Advance'' to cost 999 AP to master.
====''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''====
Doublecast is again learned by the [[Red Mage (Tactics A2)|Red Mage]] for 990 AP via the Madu rapier. The game mechanics for it have changed, though; it is more sensitive to laws than its incarnation in ''Final Fantasy Tactics Advance''. Though specific skillset laws have been abolished, the spells used in Doublecast will be sensitive to elemental laws.
===''[[Final Fantasy Type-0]]''===
In this game, Doublecast {{J|ツインマジック|Tsuin Majikku|Twin Magic}} is defined by the ability of equipping two magical attacks to one character. [[Rem Tokimiya|Rem]] is credited for having this ability by default but it can be learned by other characters during the game.
===''[[Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light]]''===
The [[Sage (The 4 Heroes of Light)|Sage's]] Spell Again ability lets the character continuously cast the spells they have equipped until they run out of [[Action Point (The 4 Heroes of Light)|AP]].
===''[[Final Fantasy Dimensions]]''===
Doublecast is the level 20 ability of the [[Red Mage (Dimensions)|Red Mage]] class, which allows the user to cast 2 spells of any equipped spell sets set on the character. If the character has no magic commands, Doublecast will display nothing instead. It requires 2 slots in order to equip and use.
===''[[Dissidia Final Fantasy]]''===
[[Terra Branford/Dissidia|Terra's]] [[EX Mode]] bonus Chainspell allows her to use her magical attacks twice in succession.
====''[[Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy]]''====
[[Terra Branford/Dissidia|Terra's]] ability "Chainspell" returns as her ability in EX Mode as well as Regen, Critical Boost, and Glide.
===''[[Theatrhythm Final Fantasy]]''===
[[List of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Abilities#Dualcast|Dualcast]] is a special ability learned by [[Vivi Ornitier|Vivi]] at Level 45 and [[Shantotto]] at Level 55, and costs 22 CP to equip. Dualcast doubles the power of all magic abilities used by the character.
====''[[Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call]]''====
{{Abil-stub|Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call}}
===''[[Pictlogica Final Fantasy]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Pictlogica Final Fantasy}}
===''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade}}
===''[[Final Fantasy All the Bravest]]''===
Dualcast is the ability that is used by the Red Mage during battle.
===''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''===
{{Abil-stub|Final Fantasy Record Keeper}}
|File:TAY PSP Dualcast.png|''[[Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection]]''.
|File:Double.png|Double in ''[[Final Fantasy VIII]]''.
|File:Triple.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy VIII]]''.
|File:FFIX Eiko Ability.png|Dbl Wht in ''[[Final Fantasy IX]]''.
|File:FF12 Chain Magick.png|Chain Magick used by [[The Undying (Final Fantasy XII)|The Undying]] in ''[[Final Fantasy XII]]''.
|File:XIII raktavija multicast icefire.PNG|Raktavija using Multicast in ''[[Final Fantasy XIII]]''.
|File:FFXIV Double.png|Double in ''[[Final Fantasy XIV]]''.
|File:FFXIV Triple.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy XIV]]''.
|File:FFAB Dualcast Firaga - Lenna SSR.png|Dualcast Firaga in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR) [FFV].
|File:FFAB Triple - Rinoa SSR.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR).
|File:FFAB Dualcast Firaga - Lenna SSR+.png|Dualcast Firaga in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR+) [FFV].
|File:FFAB Triple - Rinoa SSR+.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR+).
|File:FFAB Double - Squall Legend SR.png|Double in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR Legend).
|File:FFAB Double - Squall Legend SR+.png|Double in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SR+ Legend).
|File:FFAB Dualcast Firaga - Lenna Legend SSR.png|Dualcast Firaga in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR Legend) [FFV].
|File:FFAB Triple - Rinoa Legend SSR.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR Legend).
|File:FFAB Triple - Selphie Legend SSR.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR Legend).
|File:FFAB Dualcast Firaga - Lenna Legend SSR+.png|Dualcast Firaga in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR+ Legend) [FFV].
|File:FFAB Triple - Rinoa Legend SSR+.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR+ Legend).
|File:FFAB Triple - Selphie Legend SSR+.png|Triple in ''[[Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade]]'' (SSR+ Legend).
|File:FFATB Dualcast.png|''[[Final Fantasy All the Bravest]]''.
|File:FFRK Dualcast Fire Icon.png|Dualcast Fire in ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
|File:FFRK Dualcast Thunder Icon.png|Dualcast Thunder in ''[[Final Fantasy Record Keeper]]''.
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