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Dual Horn is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII fought in the Woodlands Area and in the opening round of the Battle Square on Part 2 onwards after Gold Saucer reopens. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the regular HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.


  1. In the original Japanese release Dual Horn's unnamed attack was available from its Manipulate menu. This was removed from all subsequent versions.


# Formation
181 Dual Horn
182 Dual Horn A, Dual Horn B
183 Dual Horn (Back Attack)
229 Dual Horn
230 Dual Horn A, Dual Horn B


Woodlands Area
Grass 181, 182, 183 (Back Attack)
Cactus Island
Grass 229, 230
Goblin Island
Grass/Beach 229, 230
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group B - Battle 1 182


Dual Horn only has physical attacks and is no threat, but has a large amount of HP, so inflicting various statuses may be helpful. The player can steal Pepio Nuts from them, and these can be used in chocobo breeding, although they are not the best nut and are thus unnecessary to procure.

Hidden in the Dual Horn's AI is a third, unnamed ability that costs 65,535 MP and so the Dual Horn will never use it. If one were to use a hacking device to give the Dual Horn 65,535 MP, it will do the Horn Lift animation twice on a random target of either player or enemy party. It inflicts 0 damage since there are no attack details present for the attack. Since this attack cannot be used in the normal game, when below 50% of its Max HP it'll display "Dual Horn's skill power is used up", the standard "not enough MP to use ability" error message.

This ability appeared as a third Manipulate ability in the original Japanese version, however it was removed from subsequent versions.

AI script[]

AI: Main {

Choose Random Opponent
If (Dual Horn's HP <= 50% of Dual Horn's Max HP) Then
1/4 Chance: Use <> on Target
1/4 Chance: Use <Angle Punch> on Target
1/2 Chance: Use Horn Lift on Target
} Else {
1/4 Chance: Use Horn Lift on Target
3/4 Chance: Use <Angle Punch> on Target