The Drowned City of Skalla is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, released in patch 4.1, The Legend Returns. The dungeon takes place underground in the Lochs and is part of the Main Scenario quests.

Story[edit | edit source]

Drowned City of Skalla opening cinematic.

Long ago, in the dawn of the Fifth Astral Era, the modest nation of Skalla was founded in the land of Gyr Abania. Over the span of several centuries, its people constructed a grand city of stone at the bottom of a steep-walled ravine, but even this natural defense could not protect Skalla from destruction during a terrible age of war. When the great flood of the Sixth Umbral Calamity later swept across the realm, the hollow ruins of the city were lost to sight, its remnants submerged beneath a raging sea. Haunting the depths of what is now Loch Seld, Skalla's silent walls lure adventurers into the salt-laden waters with the promise of mysteries unsolved and treasures unclaimed.

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Arrive at the Green Screams
  • Defeat Kelpie
  • Arrive at a Door Unopened
  • Defeat The Old One
  • Arrive at the Golden Walls of Ruin
  • Defeat Hrodric Poisontongue

Progression[edit | edit source]

Lookout Cave[edit | edit source]

The first pack of mobs are a Skalla Nanka and Skalla Soblyns, after that you have Salt Swallow Larvae that pop out of eggs and a Salt Swallow.

Green Screams[edit | edit source]

At the start of the fight the arena will turn into a box shape and the outside of the box will debuff players with Dropsy and damage players. throughout the fight Kelpie will use the following abilities.

  • Torpedo- A moderate damage dealing tank buster.
  • Rising Seas- Group wide AoE damage.
  • Hydro Push- at the end of the cast will push players away from the boss.
  • Hydro Pull- will pull players towards the boss.
  • Bloody Puddle- Targets players with an AoE, and orbs will tether to players chasing them around the arena.

Salvation[edit | edit source]

Next pack of mobs are going to be Stone Phoebads, Dhara Sentinels, and Urolith Sentinels.

A Door Unopened[edit | edit source]

The second boss of this dungeon is The Old One, this boss will turn the players into Spriggans two times throughout the fight.

  • Mystic Light - Will target a player and cast a conal AoE.
  • Mystic Flame - AoE's will appear under players and explode.
  • Order to Self-Destruct - The boss will become invulnerable and summon adds
  • Shifting Light - The boss will turn the players into Spriggans, and the party will need to use the hotbar action to get rid of the Subservient adds.

Condemnation[edit | edit source]

Players will venture into the depths of the dungeon arriving into the ruined halls of the ancient city of Skalla. After each pull players will find a magic circle on the ground and this will transform them into a monster that will allow them to traverse a chasm that will kill players.

In this area players will face Lightless Homunculus, Zangbeto, Rotting Royals, and an Accursed Idol.

Golden Walls of Ruin[edit | edit source]

Entering the treasure chamber, the party is faced with the guardian Hrodric Poisontongue, a lost relative of the Mad King Theodric. The boss will use many abilities that can be dodged by looking at his animations.

  • The Spin - The boss will crouch on the ground and create a proximity marker.
  • Ring of Chaos - A player will be targeted with a donut AoE.
  • Eye of the Fire - Look away from the boss or players will get confuse.
  • Cross of Chaos - A player will be targeted with a cross marker, don't move as much to avoid getting other players caught.
  • Words of Woe - Faces a random player and will shoot a laser in their direction giving a vulnerability debuff.
  • Rusting Claw - The boss will raise his right claw, move away from the front to avoid a damage down and vulnerability debuff.
  • Tail Drive - Raises tail in the air, move away from the backside of the boss to avoid damage.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Skalla Nanka
  • Skalla Soblyn
  • Salt Swallow Larva
  • Salt Swallow
  • Kelpie
  • Stone Phoebads
  • Dhara Sentinels
  • Urolith Sentinels
  • The Old One
    • Subservient
  • Lightless Homunculus
  • Zangbeto
  • Rotting Royal
  • Accursed Idol
  • Hdrodric Poisontongue

Treasure[edit | edit source]

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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Far From Home" (not to be confused with the track of the same name which plays in Ehcatl in the North Shroud), an arrangement of both the main Stormblood theme and the main Lochs theme "Songs of Salt and Suffering", plays at all times except during boss battles.

"Persistence" plays while fighting the Kelpie and The Old One; "Triumph" plays during the battle with Hdrodric Poisontongue.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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