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FFV Drink

Drink in Final Fantasy V.

Drink special medicines to increase stats during battle.
—Description, Final Fantasy V

Drink (のむ, Nomu? or くすり, Kusuri?, lit. Medicine) is a recurring ability in the series. It allows the user to consume a special potion to either temporarily increase stats or gain status effects.


Final FantasyEdit

Drink is used in the NES version of this game only to use a HEAL or PURE Potion (Potion and Antidote respectively).

Final Fantasy VEdit

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Drink is the level 3 Chemist ability, which allows the user to use special items, such as Goliath Tonic or Speed Shake, in order to gain statuses or increase stats.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Allows use of drinkable items

Drink is anctive special ability that allows the user to use any drinkable items at the cost of 4 MP. Although no unit can learn drink naturally, it is Mel's Trust Master reward; upon obtaining, the materia can be equipped to any unit.

The affected items are as follows:

Name Effect
Body Boost
Temporarily boosts the user's ATK by 20%
Mana Boost
Temporarily boosts the user's MAG by 20%
Protect Drink
Temporarily boosts the user's DEF by 20%
Shell Drink
Temporarily boosts the user's SPR by 20%
Bacchus's Wine
Inflicts berserk status (ATK +50%) on the user
Hero Drink
Temporarily boosts ATK, DEF, MAG, and SPR by 20%


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