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Use knowledge of medicines to double the potency of potions and ethers.


Drink is a Chemist command ability in Final Fantasy V. It allows the user to drink various items for unique effects that can boost stats or gain positive status effects.


Drink is innate to Chemist, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 1, for a total of 15 AP, any job can equip the ability.


Drink lets the Chemist consume one of the following potions:

Name Cost Effect
Goliath Tonic 110 Doubles max HP.
Temporarily doubles maximum HP. Consumed with Drink command.
Power Drink 110 Raises attack power. Does not work in the SNES, PS1, and GBA versions due to the Power Drink bug.
Temporarily increases attack. Consumed with Drink command.
Speed Shake 110 Casts Haste.
Duplicates the effect of the Haste spell. Consumed with Drink command.
Iron Draft 110 Raises defense.
Duplicates the effect of the Protect spell. Consumed with Drink command.
Hero Cocktail 110 Raises strength.
Temporarily increases level. Consumed with Drink command.

Mimicking Drink does not consume another drink, but does successfully copy the mimicked drink's effect.


The Chemist is poor at dealing damage on its own, due to its low stats and limited weapons available. However, Drink can have strong effects for other physical fighter jobs, such as Knight or Monk, meaning it may still be worth learning.