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Drillemont de Lasserrant, also known as Drillemont the Honest, is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a noble of House Durendaire of Ishgard, and in command of Whitebrim Front.

Profile Edit

He's a male Elezen with light brown hair and beard, garbed in full chainmail. His shield bears the heraldry of House Durendaire.

Story Edit

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As commander of Whitebrim, Drillemont is the first line of defense against the now dragon-controlled Stone Vigil. After the player, Alphinaud, and Cid learned the airship Enterprise had landed in the keep from Lord Haurchefant in Camp Dragonhead, they were directed to ask Drillemont for permission to investigate. As he was still planning an attempt to retake the Vigil from the Dravanian Horde, he sternly denied them. While they tried to gain favor with the local garrison to change his mind, interference from Inquisitor Guillaime led to the discovery that he was an imposter interfering with Ishgard affairs.

Once proof is brought to Drillemont, he personally marches to arrest the false Inquisitor at Snowcloak. The player must back him up as "Guillaime" is unwilling to go without a fight. With the matter resolved, Drillemont agrees to let them infiltrate Stone Vigil to retrieve the Enterprise.

Drillemont later reappears in the last part of the Main Scenario quests for Patch 2.3: Defenders of Eorzea. The player is directed to him by Haurchefant to help investigate increased heretic Harrier activity, which had waylaid a supply shipment to Revenant's Toll.

Drillemont is also the player's contact in the quest for Stone Vigil (Hard). Having finally prepared a counterattack to retake the Vigil, he requests the player assist him as a vanguard due to prior experience at the citadel.

Drillemont once again appears in 2.4, taking a small role in coordinating the search of Snowcloak and the hunt for Iceheart. By this time, the player's consistent aid has won him over, and his manner becomes much more friendly.

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