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Dreues is a non-player character in original Final Fantasy XIV.


Because Gridania is the closest city to the borders of the Garlean Empire and they are not strong enough to repel an eventual offensive on their own, J'moldva believes that many of the pugilites of the Platinum Mirage in Ul'dah are refugees from Ala Mhigo that they can join the fight against Garlemald and asks the adventurer to try to form an alliance between them.[1]

Unfortunately Gridania's reputation is not good and all those with whom the adventurer talks refuse the proposal. Among them was Ala Mhigan Dreues who tries to extort a hundred thousand gil from the adventurer. Upon agreeing to pay, Dreues makes a feint pretending he is going to attack the adventurer and stops by saying he was just testing his courage. Dreues says that he will be an ally against the Empire and that he will take the adventurer's words to the guild elite.[1] Unfortunately, Dreues' actions do not bear fruit, and later the news about their not accepting the alliance reaches Gridania.[2]




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