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Dressed to the Nines was a parallel-track Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.



In a gauntlet-style challenge not seen since Dawn Over the Big Bridge, players were given the opportunity to collect Wardrobe Records for the leading ladies of the series. While formatted like a continuous event in two parts, the event presented itself as two rolling parallel tracks, with two segments per track added each day for the first five days of the event. Though the same boss would be fought on either track, the player could complete each stage independently of the others, the Wardrobe Records being on the Part 1 track, and materials on the Part 2 track. Part 1's difficulty was fixed at a value of 45, while Part 2 followed a curve typical of many Challenge Events.

Music Hall[]

Completion of each Part 1 segment added a character theme to the event's Music Hall. Unless noted, character themes were ripped directly from their original sources.

(Note: All numbered tracks appear in the "Music Room" section of the Library after this event was closed.)

Track Title Game Unlocked with
Event theme "Prelude" Final Fantasy X
1 "Prelude" (8-bit) Final Fantasy Initial
2 "Rydia" Final Fantasy IV Chosen of Feymarch
3 "Lenna's Theme" Final Fantasy V Freelancer Lenna
4 "The Day Will Come" Final Fantasy V Beastmaster Krile
5 "Nostalgia" Final Fantasy V Princess Sarisa
6 "Terra's Theme - Dissidia Arrangement" Dissidia Final Fantasy Cosmic Elite
7 "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" Final Fantasy VI Opera Star
8 "Those Who Fight -Piano Version-" Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Leather Suit
9 "Garnet's Theme" Final Fantasy IX Show of Resolve
10 "I Can Fly" Final Fantasy X False Bride
11 "Yuna's Theme" Final Fantasy X-2 Gunner Garb
12 "Rikku's Theme" Final Fantasy X-2 Thief
13 "Etro's Champion" Final Fantasy XIII-2 Knight of Etro



Originally from a poetic expression meaning "to the greatest degree", "to the nines" is an English idiom used to describe the utmost extravagance, as a person dressed fancily or sharply who leaves no detail to chance. Thus, in modern English usage, the phrase most commonly appears as "dressed to the nines" or "dressed up to the nines".