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Dream Stooges

The Dream Stooges (iOS/Android).

The Dream Stooges (夢の三兄弟, Yume no San Kyōdai?, lit. Three Dream Brothers) are three demon brothers in Final Fantasy VI: Laragorn, Curlax, and Moebius (originally, Larry, Curly, and Moe in the SNES version).


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The Dream Stooges about to enter Cyan's dream.

They are phantoms that consume dreams and by extension, the souls of dreamers. Since they are attracted to those in emotional turmoil, they find Cyan to be easy prey when the party sleeps at Doma Castle. The other party members leap into Cyan's Dreamscape to pursue the brothers, but two of them flee as they only fight together. With the party reassembled, the brothers attack together, and are defeated.

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Laragorn, Moebius and Curlax are fought as bosses within Cyan's dream.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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Mobius Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

The stooges appear on cards. Moebius has a Lightning-elemental card. Laragorn has an Ice-elemental card. Curlax has a Fire-elemental card. Laragorn has the ability to remove himself from the Field and return on the next turn, while Curlax can move Laragorn and Moebius in the Break Zone to the Field, approximating their battle abilities. Moebius is the one of the trio to be able to use Delta Attack, which prevents an opponent's Forward from attacking, Blocking, or using abilities, as long as the player controls a Forward with the job "Three Dream Stooge". Curlax and Laragorn support Moebius with innate abilities that allows the player to treat their card names as Moebius while in the hand, so the player may use them to pay the cost to use Delta Attack if a Moebius card is not available.



In the Japanese version, Moebius is named Sueño (スエーニョ, Suēnyo?), Laragorn is named Sogno (ソーニョ, Sōnyo?), and Curlax is named Rêve (レーヴ, Rēvu?). The names mean "dream" in Spanish, Italian and French, respectively.

The brothers' names in the SNES version are direct references to the American slapstick comedy trio, the Three Stooges. The names in the GBA version also refer to the Three Stooges. The names are not the exact same, but they sound similar: Laragorn evokes the name "Larry", Moebius evokes the name "Moe", and Curlax evokes the name "Curly".

Early development materials refer to the trio of bosses in the Dreamscape using the names Gris (グリ, Guri?), Renoir (ルノア, Runoa?), and Cézanne (セザン, Sezan?)[1]. These were to reference the the impressionist painters Juan Gris, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Paul Cézanne respectively.


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