Dream Powder in Final Fantasy VII.

Uses "Sleepel" on all opponents

Final Fantasy VII description

Dream Powder (ドリームパウダー, Dorīmu Paudā?) is a recurring item in the series. It commonly casts the Sleep spell on all targets of the chosen party.


Final Fantasy VII

Dream Powder is an item that casts Sleepel on all enemies with 60% accuracy. It can only be morphed from Crown Lance and Crysales.

Final Fantasy X

Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies.


Dream Powder is an item that deals non-elemental damage and Sleep to all targets of the chosen party. When 16 are used to customize a weapon, it grants the ability Sleepstrike. When 8 are used to customize an armor, it grans the ability Sleepproof. It can only be stolen/bribed from Bandersnatch or Skoll.

World of Final Fantasy

SINGLE: Sometimes inflicts sleep.


Dream Powder
Effect Sometimes inflicts Sleep to a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart, Underground Prison Shop
Find EX Dungeon C
Cost 600 gil


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