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Lightning: Pulse armament.
Sazh: And that's bad for us, isn't it?
Lightning: You have eyes, don't you?

Lightning and Sazh

Dreadnought is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII, fought twice in the Vile Peaks by Sazh, Lightning, and Vanille.


The Dreadnought is fought twice in quick succession, and whatever last Paradigm was used in the first battle will be selected for the second fight. The same strategy works both times, with the only difference being that the Dreadnought will have more health, use Wrecking Ball – a devastating attack – and use fire-based melee attacks in the second battle, meaning at least two staggers will likely be needed.

When fighting the Dreadnought, a good strategy is to have Vanille debuff the Dreadnought, while Sazh buffs the team (with Bravery and Faith, depending on the character) and Lightning goes in with Commando. Once the team is fully buffed and the enemy fully debuffed, they can switch to Tri-disaster (three Ravagers) and keep pressing the attack until the Dreadnought is staggered. Once done, they can switch to Relentless Assault (a Commando and two Ravagers) to defeat it.

In the second battle, the same strategy will still work. However, due to the devastating power of Wrecking Ball, a Medic will be needed. Also, the Dreadnought will be able to include fire in its attacks, increasing the damage it deals.

Upon defeat of the Dreadnought, the Crystarium will expand to Stage Three. Sazh and Lightning will be able to use the Commando and Medic roles, respectively, and the player will be able to upgrade weapons and accessories.

AI Script

First Battle

  • Turn 1 – Attack
  • Turn 2 – Attack
  • Turn 3 – Attack
  • If affected by a debuff and the next move is Crush – Steam Clean
  • Turn 4 – Crush

Second Battle

  • Turn 1 – Flame Spreader
  • Turn 2 – Flame Spreader
  • If affected by a debuff and the next move is Wrecking Ball – Steam Clean
  • Turn 3 – Wrecking Ball



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