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The Drawbridge, known as the Bridge in the Origins version and North Bridge in the NES version, is a one-time visit location and world map tile in the original Final Fantasy. The drawbridge starts the game broken. Cornelia and the Chaos Shrine are on their own island excluded from the rest of the locations on the World Map. Once the player party defeats Garland the bridge is rebuilt to enable the party to cross from Cornelia to the next continent so they can reach Pravoka. The "Final Fantasy" theme plays during this scene in every version.

The field location is only seen once, and a scene plays when the player exits Cornelia Castle after talking to the King in which the bridge is rebuilt. This scene does not take place in the NES version. While the bridge is on the World Map, it is simply a tile and stepping on it does not take the party to the location. However, the first time the party moves on to this tile a sequence of scrolling text ensues.


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The King of Cornelia asks the Warriors of Light to save Princess Sarah from Garland at the Chaos Shrine. The Warriors of Light depart for the Chaos Shrine and defeat Garland. The King of Cornelia has the drawbridge rebuilt to reward the Warriors of Light so they can travel northward to Pravoka.

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Musical themes[]

The theme for the scene where the party crosses the bridge is "Opening".

Other appearances[]

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Drawbridge has an equivalent location in World B in the Gateway of Departure gateway.

Behind the scenes[]

The original Nihonbashi was a bridge in Tokyo during the Edo period that everyone would have to cross to travel elsewhere in Japan. It is still sometimes used as a symbol for a starting point of a journey. In Final Fantasy the "and so their journey begins..." scene happens as the party crosses the Drawbridge.

The party looking across the bridge to Insomnia.

Final Fantasy XV may pay homage to the scene where the party crosses the Drawbridge. Near the end of Chapter 1, Noctis and his friends reach a hill on the outskirts of Insomnia, looking over the kingdom beyond a bridge. In Final Fantasy, the Warriors of Light are similarly positioned to look over Castle Cornelia before departing on their journey.