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Dravania (ドラヴァニア, Doravania?) is a region of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. It is marked on the map in Eorzean northwest of Coerthas and directly north of Vylbrand. Like Coerthas, the region is very rugged and mountainous, though the climate appears to be milder.

It is accessible to those who have purchased the game's first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


Concept art of Dravania

As its name implies, these lands are styled after the dragon kin who call her forelands home, long feared by the people of Ishgard.

The hinterlands to the south bask in the beauty of the Thaliak River and fields of evergreen. They once played host to the great seat of knowledge, Sharlayan. But alas, she was abandoned in the exodus fifteen years prior. Left to wildlife roaming her once proud estates, she is resigned to slowly fade from memory.


The Dravanian Forelands[]

Rugged wilderness near the base of the sacred mountain Sohm Al. Many hunters subsist on the eponymous creatures of the Chocobo forest in the east. The Gnath beast-tribe and Dravanian Horde also have settled in the wilderness.

The Dravanian Hinterlands[]

Grasslands along the banks and tributaries of the Thaliak River, whose waters cascade north into the Orn Wild. The city of Sharlayan was located here until the exodus following the Garlean invasion.

The Churning Mists[]

These floating islands are the domain of the Dravanian Horde. Two great wyrms roost in the grand ruins in this part of the sea of clouds.

Aetheryte Sanctuaries[]

  • Idyllshire
  • Tailfeather (Dravanian Forelands)
  • Anyx Trine (Dravanian Forelands)
  • Moghome (The Churning Mists)
  • Zenith (The Churning Mists)