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Drain (吸収, Kyuushuu?, lit. Absorption) is an element exclusive to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. There's only three enemy attacks that have this element and Phoebe's Ether Shield provides protection from it. There is also an unused elemental defense related to the drain element.


Game Element Type Effect
Ether Shield Shield Protects against Paralyze, Sleep, and Drain-elemental attacks.
Dissolve Enemy Ability Drain-elemental attack and it has an attack power of 100. Used by Jelly and Ooze.
Drain Enemy Ability Drain-elemental attack, steals HP to restore own HP. It has an attack power of 100. Used by Fangpire, Gargoyle, Leech, and Vampire.
Sucker Stick Enemy Ability Drain-elemental attack to both characters and it has an attack power of 50. Used by Squidite and Phanquid.

Reverse Drain[]

Reverse Drain icon.

While not named, Reverse Drain (吸収攻撃, Kyuushuu Kougeki?, lit. Absorption Attack) is an unused and dummied out elemental defense related to drain. The only way the player can get this protection is by the use of a cheating device.

This protection alone does nothing and prevents nothing. However, if it's paired with the Drain protection on any current equipped piece of armor, not only will the drain protection reduce the damage taken from the drain attack, but it will also reverse the effect of drain; the enemy will take damage while the character that was attacked will be healed.