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Kain Highwind is a Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV.

Always return from the battlefield.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dragoon Lore

The Dragoon (竜騎士, Ryūkishi?, lit. Dragon Knight), also localized as Dragon Knight or Lancer and abbreviated as DRG (, Ryū?, lit. Dragon), is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. Since its initial appearance as a character occupation in Final Fantasy II, Dragoons have become one of the most iconic jobs in the series, serving the role of a spear-wielding physical combat character class.

Notable Dragoons include Kain Highwind of Final Fantasy IV and Estinien Varlineau of Final Fantasy XIV.

While few in number, variants of the Dragoon have appeared in several titles, such as the Lancer and the Holy Dragoon.


Descendants of a race who shared a special bond with the otherwise aloof wyverns. Dragoons practice their spear techniques from the backs of their wyvern mounts, and in battle they leap down from above to strike at their foes.

Description from Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Dragoons are powerful physical attackers who wield spears and lances. They wear special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon's head, spikes, and wing and scale designs. Dragoons are sometimes more directly tied to dragons, such as owning them as pets or otherwise befriending them. Dragoons are often protectors of others. The town of Deist is commonly depicted as a hometown of Dragoons.

Gernsback from War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius sporting the traditional dragon-like armor of the dragoon.

Many Dragoons in the series possess the surname "Highwind", though it is not universal. To date, Alexander Highwind Tycoon has been the only non-Dragoon "Highwind", though he is still associated with dragons and wears a helmet with wing designs. Many games that do not have a job system still have characters that invoke the fighting style and look of Dragoons, often also with the association with Highwind as a surname or ability name.

Kain's Lance is a recurring ultimate weapon for Dragoons as homage to Kain Highwind, the dragoon from Final Fantasy IV often seen as the quintessential Dragoon of the series.

Since Final Fantasy III, Dragoons' trademark ability has been Jump, which allows them to leap into the air, avoid attacks while airborne, and descend a moment later to impale enemies and deal heavy damage. Some Dragoons can upgrade Jump to Double Jump for increased damage. The Dragoon would gain Lancet in Final Fantasy V, a technique that allows them to attack an opponent and drain their HP and MP to heal themselves.

Freya Crescent using Cherry Blossom in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX would further expand the Dragoon moveset with Freya Crescent's Dragon command, allowing the character a variety of supportive techniques to boon the party, such as Reis's Wind and Luna, while also having powerful attacks, such as Cherry Blossom; the latter attack would become a staple among the job in future entries. Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV introduced several new jumping techniques and ground-based weapon skills, allowing for the Dragoon to have a more versatile role in combat.

The Dragoon's fighting style would also become inspired by two characters: Reis Duelar from Final Fantasy Tactics and Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII. Reis's Dragonkin techniques introduced the concept of elemental Breath attacks, while Cid's Limit BreaksBoost Jump, Dragon Dive, Highwind— would become recurring abilities for the job and characters inspired by it. These techniques would be used in Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy Dimensions, while also expanding beyond the series to be included in the Bravely and Kingdom Hearts series of games.


Final Fantasy II[]

Ricard Highwind.

The Dragoon makes its first appearance in the series as a group of dragon riders who fought alongside wyverns. The Emperor killed off most of the group out of fear, leaving only Ricard Highwind.

Later releases give Ricard equal proficiency with spears, have him joined with a spear equipped, and provide spears as his ultimate weapons. Additionally his appearance was overwritten to be more similar to Kain Highwind.

Final Fantasy III[]

The Dragoon's sprite from Final Fantasy III.

The Dragoon is a job gained from the Water Crystal in all versions. Dragoons wield spears in battle and are highly skilled against aerial foes. They are renowned for their Jump ability, allowing them to launch deadly attacks from above.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Kain Highwind is a Dragoon and the leader of a company of Dragoons in the service of Baron, following in the footsteps of his father, who had also commanded the Dragoons as one himself.

Kain is the only party member able to equip spears, although he can hold swords and axes too. He can use Jump if he equips a spear.

Two dragoon NPCs are found in Baron Castle. In the 3D remake, their model is similar to Kain's, only less detailed. In all other versions, they use the same sprite as other soldiers, though still refer to themselves as dragoons.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Kain's dark side is a Dragoon and is temporarily playable. Kain, having taken the alias of the "Hooded Man" while he seeks his dark side, is not specified as having a job class. After Kain defeats his dark side, he is transformed into a Holy Dragoon, a Paladin-like enhancement of the normal Dragoon class with improved stats and the ability to cast White Magic.

Final Fantasy V[]

The protagonists of Final Fantasy V as Dragoons.

Dragoon, originally known as Lancer, is a job obtained from the shards of the Earth Crystal. They use the Jump attack, and in its first appearance in the series, the Lancet ability, though it is called "Lance" or "DragonSword".

Final Fantasy IX[]

Freya Crescent is a Dragon Knight, wielding spears in combat. In combat she has access to the Jump ability and Dragon skillset, which enables her to use magical attacks including Lancet, called "Lancer".

In addition, Freya's lost lover, Sir Fratley, is a legendary Burmecian Dragon Knight.

Early concept artwork reveals that the Dragoon job may have been available through an iteration of the Job system, as the art depicts humans in these roles as well. These jobs appear in unused concept artwork, in which a male protagonist is listed as "BAHAMUT Dragoon (male)", and a female protagonist as "LEVIATHAN Dragoon (female)".

Final Fantasy XI[]

Artwork of a Dragoon by Yuzuki Ikeda.

The Dragoon (DRG) is an advanced job class that can summon pet wyverns to aid players in battle. They are proficient in light to medium armor and spears. Their job abilities include the traditional Jump attacks, while also having a variety of skills to work in unison with their wyvern allies.

Numerous enemies also function as Dragoon units, particularly higher leveled beastmen enemies and bosses such as Absolute Virtue.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Sprite for enemy Dragon Knights and Dragoons.

Some enemy aegyl are Dragon Knights who can Jump and use several ranged Breath attacks, or Dragoons, who can Jump attack constantly and only appear in Midlight's Deep.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Dragoon is a garb available for Lightning, having access to the Lancet command as its locked ability.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Dragoon's job icon.

Dragoon (DRG) is the job upgrade of the Lancer class, being available after obtaining the Soul of the Dragoon soul crystal from completing the "Eye of the Dragon" quest at level 30.

In the game's lore, Dragoons are highly armored but nonetheless mobile force that specializes in the slaying of dragons that have waged war to the Holy City of Ishgard for centuries. Among those dragoons, one of them is chosen each generation by the eye of Nidhogg to directly wield the dragon's own power, thus becoming the Azure Dragoon. In the storyline, the Warrior of Light is an exception, having been chosen by the Eye despite the current Azure Dragoon, Estinien Wyrmblood, still being alive.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Dragoon, originally known as Lancer in the original PlayStation version, is a physically-based job. Those who use the job fear no heights due to their Jump command, allowing them to reach nearly anywhere on the map, provided they have learned enough Horizontal Jump abilities. Dragoons also have access to the Ignore Elevation ability, which allows them to move to any tiles regardless of elevation.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The Dragoon (DRG) job is available to bangaa after mastering two Warrior abilities. Along with Jump and Lancet, Dragoons can also use the elemental "breath" attacks used by dragons. Dragoons wield swords and spears in combat, but Jump's bonus damage only applies to spears.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Dragoon is a job exclusive to bangaa, and functions similarly to its appearance in the previous game. They are best at attacking enemies from a distance, using their signature Jump attack. Their Dragonheart reaction ability also ensures a long duration on the field (though once per battle).

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

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Crystal Defenders[]

While slow, a Dragoon's attacks deal massive amount of damage to targets on both the ground and in the air.

Online description

Dragoon is a job class available for hire in the W2 and W3 stages, costing 50 gil. Though relatively slow compared to other units, they deal massive damage and can target both ground and aerial enemies.

Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm[]

While not powerful, a Dragoon's attacks can reach enemies on land or in the air, even from a distance.

Online description
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Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Barbara is a Dragoon in a tale that grants the Dragoon job to the Light Warriors. Dragoons use Breath abilities to deal elemental damage or heal allies. They retain the job's iconic Jump and Lancet abilities, but these are learned later in the job's level.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

The Dragoon signet's artwork from Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

The Dragoon is a wind-elemental Eidolon for the Wrieg. Its signet artwork are all based on different forms of Barbara from the first Final Fantasy Dimensions. The Dragoon teaches him the Highwind I - III abilities and can be obtained by completing the "First Magic Corps" character episode.

In addition, Dragoon-themed costumes for Morrow, Wrieg, Parai, and the Deathlord can be obtained from the Babil Tower exchange shops.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

The Dragoon Job Card, available to be selected in the Duel Colosseum, discards all cards from the selection area for a new set. The first card drawn in the new hand is also a Dragoon, allowing the player to freely cycle their hand as long as they wish. However, boss and Chaos cards cannot be discarded as usual, and the Red Mage card does not allow discarding either.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Kain Highwind represents the Dragoon job. The Dragoon job card appears in the new Labyrinth mode, and discards all cards except doors and goals. The first card drawn in the new hand is also a Dragoon, allowing the player to freely cycle their hand as long as they wish.

Dragoon is also a job that can be selected for a character in the player's party for Quick Battle, Friend Cards, or wireless matches. The Dragoon job grants the character the Jump Boost ability and 10% HP Drain, and is needed to unlock the Samurai job.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒[]

Male and female Dragoons appear as unlockable Memoria for players. The job's special move is Jump, which can be used only at rank 3.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

The Dragoon was a job available after obtaining a level 10 Warrior and a level 10 Thief. The preferred weapons for the job were spears and swords, specializing in both strength and agility abilities. The job was also involved in the requirements to unlock the Samurai job.

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

The Dragoon appears as a character card.

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Many feel that these knights posing as dragons should simply be dubbed lunatics.


The Dragoon is a character available to the party, he uses the Jump ability during battle. It unlocks at level 33.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Dragoon is playable character recruited as the First Time Reward for completing the Ronka Ruins, Part 2 on Classic difficulty of the Core Dungeons.

The Dragoon is also the job for Ricard, Kain Highwind, and Freya. All three units have access to high level Dragoon and Combat abilities. However, Freya uniquely has access to high level Dancer abilities, referencing the her performance of Cleyra's ritual dance from her original game.

While having the Azure Dragoon job title, Estinien's appearance is based on the Final Fantasy XIV Dragoon job, with his Soul Breaks being based on the Dragoon skills from his original title. Unlike the other three Dragoon characters, Estinien can use high level Darkness abilities, referencing his possession by Nidhogg.

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

Dragoon is a job 4★ Quest, "Aptitude Exam: Dragoon & Sage". The Dragoon is a high-damage somewhat tank-like class.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

There is no traditional job system, but Dragoons still make an appearance and are largely recognizable by their skills: their preference for spears, the ability to Jump, the passive High Jump (which increases jump damage) and some form of Dragon Killer. The strongest among them have 'timed jumps', which allow them to drop from the sky at the player's pressing of a button; they can cap chains for increased damage and are thus effective as 'finishers'.

There are several units whose job is listed as Dragoon: Skaha, Freya, Kain and his variant "Atoning Dragoon Kain", Duke, Ryunan, and Reberta. There are also units whose skill sets correspond to the job but are not listed as such: Nine, Fang, Aranea. One of the major characters is notably a Dragoon, Cid or Veritas of the Heavens (whose job is listed as either Sworn Eight or Veritas), and is perhaps the strongest Dragoon to date; his Limit Burst is called "Invincible Highwind".

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

Chocobo unlocks the Dragoon class by restoring Meja's memories. In this class, Chocobo can jump to damage enemies a short distance away, and he also possesses elemental spear skills to allow him to harry his foes.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

The Dragoon [2-082C] Chapter series card.

Dragoons appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Forward cards.

Triple Triad[]

473a Dragoon.png

Dragoon from Final Fantasy III appears on a card in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Allusions to the job in the series[]

Final Fantasy VI[]

Though there is no job system, the Dragoon Boots relic grants characters the Jump ability, which deals double damage when combined with spears and can be enhanced further with the Dragon Horn relic.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Cid Highwind performing the Dragon Dive Limit Break.

Though there is no job system, Cid Highwind bears many traits of a Dragoon. He equips spears and lances and can use Jump attacks as his Limit Breaks, including the "Dragon" attack that drains HP and MP from enemies. In earlier development stages, his job was listed as "Pilot (Dragoon)".

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Ward uses a Harpoon as a weapon and a Jump attack as his Limit Break, both signature skills of Dragoons.

Final Fantasy X[]

Kimahri performing the Jump Overdrive.

While there is no job system, Kimahri acts as a combination of a Dragoon and a Blue Mage. He equips spears, and his special ability is Lancet, which drains HP and MP from enemies and allows Kimahri to learn new Ronso Rages, his Overdrive and Blue Magic equivalent. His initial Overdrive is Jump.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Lluyd using Jump on an enemy.

While there is no job system, Llyud functions similarly to a Dragoon in combat. He wields a spear in battle, while having access to the Jump and Lancet abilities.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Fang wields spears that double as sansetsukon (three-part staves) in combat, and her full ATB skill is a jump attack called Highwind. Her ultimate weapon is Kain's Lance and her Eidolon is the dragon Bahamut, which she rides in a cutscene and during Gestalt Mode.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Aranea Highwind using the "Highwind" technique.

A female dragoon named Aranea Highwind working for the Niflheim invasion forces dives to attack Noctis with a massive, mechanized lance. In interviews in Dengeki PS and Famitsu, the original director, Tetsuya Nomura, indicated that she was a contemporary interpretation of a Dragoon, and a member of a special forces unit within the invading army that uses unique equipment and abilities based on the various jobs. As a party member, Aranea performs Techniques that invoke the style of the Dragoons' iconic jump attack.

When Noctis wields a lance for a weapon, he can airstep (fight while in midair), and when directly above a target, descend upon them like Dragoons and their trademark Jump ability.

Ignis's technique "High Jump", likewise launches him far into the air and impales a target with a lance as he falls, also dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Mogri icon 03 l.png

Though there is no job system, a member of Class Zero, Nine, makes use of spears, and can perform the job's iconic Jump ability. Class Second is a class specific to studying Dragoon abilities and includes Carla Ayatsugi as a student and Machina Kunagiri as a former student. The class moogle for Class Second represents the Dragoon job class.

Related jobs[]

Holy Dragoon[]

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Kain defeats his dark side and transforms into a Holy Dragoon (聖竜騎士, Seiryuukishi?, lit. Holy Dragon Knight). This variation of the typical Dragoon is similar to the Paladin class. Kain dons a blue draconic suit of armor, and he gains the ability to cast White Magic. Kain's Holy Dragoon form also appears as his EX Mode in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.


In the Zodiac versions of Final Fantasy XII, the job class Uhlan is the closest to Dragoons, as noted by Hiroyuki Ito, the game's director. The Uhlan uses spears and heavy armor, but cannot use the Jump ability, so the director researched a different name related to spears. The job was named Uhlan, after Polish soldiers who wield spears.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Grendel, Dragon Knight of the Terror Tempest.

Lord of Vermilion series[]

Grendel, the "Dragon Warrior of Chaos", is a summonable monster and the final boss designed by guest illustrator Tetsuya Nomura. Described as a legendary drakeman and a dragon slayer, he was cursed and sealed beneath a city of stone by the gods, who feared his valor. He wears draconic armor and has several draconic features, including wings, claws, and a tail.

In Lord of Vermilion Re:2 he reappears with an altered design as the "Wailing Dragon Emperor". He is named after Grendel, a descendant of the biblical Cain from the epic poem Beowulf, likely a nod to Kain Highwind.

Lord of Arcana series[]

Grendel appears as one of the boss monsters as the "Dragon Knight of the Terror Tempest". He is described as a dragon knight that roams forgotten battlefields, spreading chaos with his blade. One of his abilities is called Dragoon Jump. Two alternate forms of this monster, Grendel Banjax and Grendel Annihilate, also make appearances.

Grendel is featured in the logo for the Lord of Arcana sequel, Lord of Apocalypse, seemingly impaled by numerous spears.

Kingdom Hearts[]

In Kingdom Hearts II, the Dragoon Nobodies allude to the Dragoon job, and their battle stance mirrors Kain Highwind's iconic pose from the original logo art for Final Fantasy IV (FF4 WSC Logo.png). In battle, they fight with halberds and strong Jump attacks, which can be learned and used by Sora as a reaction command. The Organization XIII member who controls the Dragoon Nobodies is Xaldin, who also exhibits some traditional aspects of the Dragoon class himself, such as wielding spears as his signature weapons and specializing in aerial combat.

In Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], a pixel Dragoon armor set appeared as an outfit for male Avatars as part of a collaboration with Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Wheel of Fate Keyblade has a transformation named "Highwind" which transforms the weapon into a spear and allows Sora to perform Jump attacks, a clear allusion to the Dragoon job.

Bravely series[]

The Valkyrie (ヴァルキリー, Varukirī?) is a job in Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer that specializes in spears and has access to the Jump, High Jump, and Super Jump commands.

Puzzle & Dragons[]

The Dragoon appears as part of the Crystal Defenders collaboration.

Knights of the Crystals[]

The Dragoon appears on a gold card.

Samurai Rising[]

Samurai Rising - Dragoon.jpg

The Dragoon appears as a job.

Legend of Mana[]

Larc and Sierra are both dragoons, Sierra has the Double-Jump ability. In the middle of a Double-Jump, she can drop down on the enemy similar to the Jump ability of the Final Fantasy Dragoon. Both of them serves dragons. Larc's weapon of choice is an axe while Sierra is a dagger, both of which the Final Fantasy dragoons can equip. Larc's synchro ability is to deal more damage to dragon monsters while Sierra's synchro ability is to lessen the damage taken from dragon monsters.

Monster Hunter: World[]

As part of collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV, the Dragoon armor and weapon become obtainable on August 2, 2018. The weapon is presented as an Insect Glaive, a huge and agile polearm with the ability to leap and extract buffs or health from monsters, which parallels the overall playstyle of Dragoon in Final Fantasy.

Minna to BIOHAZARD Clan Master[]

As a crossover collaboration with Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, the character Leon S. Kennedy is depicted as a Dragoon. This is likely in correlation with Leon rather being a S.T.A.R.S. Team member, he is but of a more general duty officer of the Raccoon Police Department, and to how his first day of his career essentially sent him into the heart of Raccoon City's zombie outbreak. Arguably, this may also likely be an in-joke to how one of the threats encountered in his first mission was being chased by a giant mutated alligator.



A re-imagined Dragoon Play Arts Kai action figure includes accessory a lance, a sword, a sheath, a clawed sheath clasp, exchangeable hands and a figure display stand.



"Dragoon" is the traditional name for a special soldier type in classical European warfare. Unlike in Final Fantasy, the original dragoons did not fight with lances, that being the job of "lancers"—a different soldier class. Dragoons were infantry that rode on horseback, but fought on foot. Originally they fought with a hand-held blunderbuss called the "dragon", giving them the name. The dragoons' arsenal expanded to include guns, sabres, and axes. During the Napoleonic Wars they became medium cavalry and reached the height of their popularity.

After the Napoleonic Wars, to make better use of the number of men the European military had, the dragoons were trained to use lances and lancers became obsolete. Thanks to the advances of modern warfare, dragoons lost their niche and modern dragoon units exist only for ceremonial purposes.

The job's Japanese name is Dragon Knight (竜騎士, Ryuukishi?). Dragon knights are commonly found in Japanese editions of western fantasy novels as a translation for terms such as "dragon knight" or "dragon rider," referring to knights and warriors who ride on dragons.

The term was likely originally localized as "Dragoon" due to the job name length restrictions, and to avoid confusion with the Dark Knight class, which was localized as "D.Knight," though it may have also been confused with the Japanese term for the Dragoon (竜騎兵, Ryuukihei?, lit. Dragon Cavalry). Through the course of the series, it has been localized as Lancer and Dragon Knight, though Dragoon has become the generally accepted term.