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Dragon knights who specialize in jumping and lance attacks.


The Dragoon is a job in Final Fantasy V obtained after the Earth Crystal shatters. The Dragoon is a heavy tank job, as it has access to heavy armor as well as the Jump command, which momentarily keeps the Dragoon out of harm's way. Dragoons are one of three classes (originally two in the SNES and PS versions) to be able to equip spears, the others being Freelancer and Gladiator.

Mastering the job on the entire party earns the player the "Wind Rider" achievement in the mobile and Steam versions.


The Dragoon, like the Knight, wears heavy armor. The main difference is the dragon-shaped helmet and the dragon-like wings on their backs; Bartz's sprite resembles Kain Highwind's from Final Fantasy IV. Lenna and Krile do not wear helmets, but dragon's wing-shaped hair accessories, instead. Faris stands out as wearing a red suit of armor, rather than blue or purple like the others.


The Dragoon's job command is Jump, which has the character leap up on their turn, then come falling down on the enemy on their next turn. If the character is equipped with a spear, Twin Lance, Man-Eater, Staff of Light, or Judgment Staff, they will do double the damage, and thus not lose any damage potential for attacking once per two turns. Jump ignores row, will not activate any special abilities or effects of any equipped weapons, and critical hits (including those that consume MP to force a critical) will act as normal. Spellblade effects will apply to Jump attacks, and rods may still miss even with Jump. Weapons that deal no damage and are based on Magic, such as harps, the Healing Staff, and the Wonder Wand, will always miss. Jump is unblockable.

The Dragoon's other ability is Lance. In the Castle Surgate library, a man once wrote the secret to his power was being a mage who knew how to Lance. This hint refers to the Dragoon's Lance taking HP and MP from an enemy, refilling the mage's MP stock while healing him, and the mage's higher Magic stat makes the Lance attack more effective. Using Lance takes around half of the MP of what normal Osmose spells take, and a small amount of HP compared to the Drain spell, but has no chance of missing.

Equip Lances gives characters the Dragoon's base Strength unless otherwise at a higher value, and the ability to equip spears on any job.

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Dragoon's base Strength, Agility and Stamina unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.

Level-up abilities[]

Jump the Dragoon's innate command ability, and they naturally equip lances. Leveling up the job allows other jobs to gain these abilities as well.

Level 1 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Jump
Advance Name Jump
Anthology Name Jump
AP Required 50 (10 in the mobile version)
Type Command
Innate Y
Description Jump to deliver a powerful attack from above. Power is doubled when a spear is equipped.
Information Lets any job use the Jump command.
Level 2 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Lance
Advance Name Lance
Anthology Name Lance
AP Required 150
Type Command
Innate N
Description Strike with dragoon powers to drain HP and MP.
Information Lets any job use the Lance command. The effect is weaker than the Drain and Osmose spells.
Level 3 Ability
Mobile/PC Name Equip Lances
Advance Name Equip Lances
Anthology Name EqLance
AP Required 400
Type Support
Innate Y
Description Gain the ability to wield spears.
Information Any job with this ability will be able to equip spears, and will gain their character's base Freelancer Strength +18 if their default stat is lower.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Dragoon from Final Fantasy V appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Forward cards.



"Dragoon" is the traditional name for a special soldier type in classical European warfare. Unlike in Final Fantasy, the original dragoons did not fight with lances, that being the job of "lancers"—a different soldier class. Dragoons were infantry that rode on horseback, but fought on foot. Originally they fought with a hand-held blunderbuss called the "dragon", giving them the name. The dragoons' arsenal expanded to include guns, sabres, and axes. During the Napoleonic Wars they became medium cavalry and reached the height of their popularity.

After the Napoleonic Wars, to make better use of the number of men the European military had, the dragoons were trained to use lances and lancers became obsolete. Thanks to the advances of modern warfare, dragoons lost their niche and modern dragoon units exist only for ceremonial purposes.