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This is the end, Cecil.


Dragoon is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. It is an unwinnable scripted battle that takes place in Fabul's crystal chamber. Even if Cecil depletes all of Dragoon's HP, the victory will be overridden by the following cutscene. So, the Dragoon does not appear in the bestiary.

Kain will use Jump on Cecil, and whether or not the player manages to damage Kain in between, the battle ends when Cecil either reaches HP Critical or is KO'd.


Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

The Dragoon is a boss fought in the Record of Fabul. If Cecil's dark form is in the party, their exchange will be reenacted.

Target Score
  • Defeat without being KO'd
  • Attack
  • Jump: Ranged damage to a single target

The Dragoon has no inherent weaknesses, and hits frequently with his Jump attack. The player should heal those who need it while fighters attack and mages assist with their best DPS abilities. Kain can even go against himself, although nothing particularly special will happen when he does. Rydia joins the party after completion, and as a Summoner with decent Black Magic skills, she is well worth the wait. This also completes a standard mission objective

In Elite mode, Cecil's darker half could be recruited as well.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

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