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Dragonweed Gardens.

Dragonweed Gardens (飛竜草の群生地, Hiryō Kusa no Gunseīchi?) is a forest in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is home to the famed herb, Dragon Grass, said to be helpful to dragons and destructive to humans.


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A child tells the soldiers that he wants to save the dragons.

At the Dragonweed Gardens a child is surrounded by soldiers of the Avalonian Empire. The child wants to use the Dragon Grass to save the dragons, but the soldiers laugh at the notion, stating that they could easily burn the entire field. When the party arrives they confront the soldiers to protect the child.

Sarah implies that the dragons are being controlled.

After the battle, Dusk asks Sol if he plans to use the Dragon Grass to save the dragons. When Sol confirms, Dusk reminds him that it was the dragons that destroyed the Warship. Sol retorts that the dragons were only attacking the Warship because it belonged to the Empire. Sarah mentions the dragons are noble and pacific creatures and, as such, they must have been controlled by someone. Dusk drops the subject, claiming it will be Sol's fault if anything bad happens. The child returns to Deist as the Warriors of Light claim the Dragon Grass and head eastward towards Dragon Valley to find more answers.

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  • Trying to enter Dragonweed Gardens without obtaining the Abel's Lance and speaking to Ricard in Deist first is not possible because an Empire soldier will block the path.
  • Every time the party steps on Dragonweed, they will lose 10 HP.
  • The scenario alludes to a similar one in Final Fantasy V where the party ventures to Drakenvale to get dragon grass to heal an injured wind drake, but the plant is poisonous to humans.