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Dragon Valley.

Dragon Valley (飛竜の谷, Hiryō no Tani?, lit. Flying Dragon Valley) is a mountain in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It has seven maps and is home to a variety of monsters and treasures. It is located to the east of Deist and to the west of Dragon Roost.


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Sarah worries about the dragon.

Arriving at Dragon Valley, the party finds a dragon blocking the entrance. Sol tries to feed it the Dragon Grass but it becomes aggressive. Sarah decides to try it herself and Dusk agrees, telling Aigis that she is more gentle than the rest of them. However, when Sarah attempts to feed the dragon, she is violently pushed back. The dragon flies away and Sarah tells the others that the creature is very weak and needs help before it is too late. Dusk reminds her that just a moment ago she had been terrified of the dragon, but Sarah replies that she believes it was the dragon that was scared. The Warriors of Light then begin their journey through the Dragon Valley.

Red-headed woman tells the party to leave.

Mid-way through the valley, the party encounters the dragon in a ravine. When the battle starts, Sol tries to reason with the creature once again but Dusk comments that it does not understand them. After fighting for a while, the dragon flees, leaving the party confused. Further inside Dragon Valley, Aigis senses a presence. A voice shouts out to the Warriors of Light to leave. When they refuse to do so, the mysterious red-headed woman attacks them. The battle doesn't last long and the woman flees. Sol comments that she seemed familiar and Aigis identifies her as a dragoon, based on her battle techniques. Dusk reminds the others that all dragoons are supposed to have been murdered but Sarah mentions that she might be the girl Old Lady Ebba was talking about. Sol claims that they have to find her and urges the party to move onwards.

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Item Place
Antidote Chest (climb up the stairs, take a left and go down)
Phoenix Down Chest (Second screen, take a left and go down)
Ether Chest (after fighting Drake, go up and take a right)
Hi-Potion Chest (Third screen, go down)
Bronze Armlet Chest (Third screen, go all the way left and take the bottom path)
Slasher Chest (Fourth screen, go left)
Chainmail Chest (Fourth screen, go up, take a left, cross the landbridge and make another left)
Echo Grass Chest (Fifth screen, take a left instead of going down)
500 gil Chest (after fighting ???, go all the way left)
Dry Ether Chest (after fighting ???, take a left and go all the way up)